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Creation Expeditions – a Business, a Mission, a Ministry

  Web //–> This is not your average family. The family business name gives it away. The name is “Creation Expeditions,” and you can take that literally. What the DeRosa family doesn’t have in paleontology degrees, it makes up with some other crucial elements: knowledge and field skills on the subject, Christian faith and a mission to find and present evidence to support the theory of creationism — plus results from fossil digs that some university paleontologists would envy….

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A Visit to the Taylor Home Inn, Bed & Breakfast

  Web //–> I was fourteen years old when I saw my very first episode of The Andy Griffith Show. It was the beginning of what was to become a lifelong passion for the wonderful make believe town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Little did I realize that forty-five years later, I would enter the Andy Taylor Home to the whistling theme song and a big wet kiss from Ellie Walker, a delightful three year old black schnauzer. Dave and…

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Tennessee Renaissance Fest Fun for the Family

The 2006 Tennessee Renaissance Festival is in full swing on New Castle Road in Triune every weekend in May. Filled with fun activities for the whole family, the Renaissance Festival offers, jugglers, jousting, sword fighting, strolling minstrels, food, fairies, Queen Elizabeth and a village full of entertaining peasants, lords and ladies. Billed as family entertainment, the Renaissance Festival takes pains to monitor costuming and to keep the festival fun for even young children. However, there is ale served on the…

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