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Ways to Save Money on Travel Tickets

Web //–> Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure you will always want to find the cheapest travel deal available. Looking for cheap airline tickets or bus tickets can be easier than you think. Your first question is which mode of transportation are you looking to travel by. After you have decided that then you are ready to start researching different travel deals. If you decided you are traveling by plane there are a lot of competitors to…

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Vacationing in Southern California

There’s no place quite like California. Imagine it – a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. Southern California is the land of sun and surf. Southern California does have a winter season, with slightly cooler temperatures, but even then the weather is wonderful year round. Plus, California has the advantage of not having hurricane season – there won’t be any storms to interfere with vacation plans. There is something for every member of the family to be found in Southern…

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Willowbank: Island and Spiritual Paradise

Web //–> When my husband and I planned to get married, we, like all engaged couples, looked for a special spot for our honeymoon as we started our life together. Willowbank, a Christian resort in Hamilton, Bermuda is just such a place. An easy journey of several hours from any airport on the East Coast, Willowbank provides an oceanside atmosphere of rest and spiritual rejuvenation. The resort was opened forty-seven years ago and has recently undergone renovations. It offers…

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What to See in Mt. Airy, North Caroline

Web //–> Photos © by Kathryn E. Darden for Click on small photos for larger view. src=”” border=0 align=left> Since its beginnings in 1990, the Surry Arts Council’s annual Mayberry Days has become one of the most anticipated events in the region. With Mayberry days approaching the end of this month, this is an appropriate time to mention some of the fun things to see and do in Mt. Airy. Every few days another article will pop up…

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Is Mount Airy Really Mayberry?

Web //–> Is Mount Airy really Mayberry? Explore Mount Airy, the hometown of actor Andy Griffith, for the Mayberry parallels, such as the Snappy Lunch, Floyd’s City Barber Shop, the Old City Jail, the Andy Griffith Playhouse, Wally’s Service Station, Andy’s Homeplace, and the famous Andy Griffith Museum, which is housed at the Mount Airy Visitors Center. The owner of the Mayberry Motor Inn, Alma Venable has a collection of Frances Bouvier’s – better known as Aunt Bee —…

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Best of the Best – Art Galleries

Web //–> World-Wide Discounted Hotels Reservations.There are literally thousands of art galleries all over the world. Almost every city has an art gallery but there are some art galleries that are known all around the world. People will travel across the world just to see some of these famous art galleries and the master pieces that they house inside. Probably the most famous art gallery in the world is ‘The Louvre’ in Paris. The most famous piece of art…

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Blue Ringed Octopus Of Australia

Thousands of species of fish and other sea life abound in the Great Barrier Reef that spreads across the northern coast of Australia. The reef, composed of sea creatures from multi-colored fish to the living coral is the habitation of underwater animals and plants. No wonder, scuba divers and snorkelers go over the top to marvel at this amazing environment. In the midst of this breathtaking beauty, however, the fiercely poisonous blue ringed octopus hides in the clear waters of…

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I Do Want to Cruise

Web //–> If you’ve long had a hankering for a cruise vacation but didn’t think you could afford it – think again. Especially now with the travel industry struggling mightily to survive in the aftermath of Nine Eleven, bargains are out there. It just might take a little looking. What you want to look for is a cruise travel package. Here is where the best bargains are found. //–> Once you know who’s going to be traveling with you,…

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Awesome April in Music City

Web //–> For the sixth year during the month of April, Music City rolls out the red carpet and celebrates spring’s arrival like no other city. With scores of festivals, concerts, award shows and exhibitions—each unique to Nashville—the city has officially designated April as “Awesome April in Music City.” “It’s going to be another awesome month for this city,” said Butch Spyridon, president of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Six years ago we began to collectively market all…

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