Transformation Nashville: A New Year resolution for the city

is there anything too big for God?

is there anything you can imagine for the Kingdom of God that could surpass His desires for our city?

what if we started praying for our city of nashville to be completely transformed – really transformed?
what would it look like?

i don’t mean having Adelphia Coliseum filled with worshipers . . . though that will be cool . . .
but what would happen if we all came together in unity as the body of Christ?

what would happen if, by the grace of God, people from all denominations, all races, and all generations came together with a unified purpose of loving nashvillians into the Kingdom of Heaven?

not just coming TO a worship gathering like WorshipCityPraise (that’s not unity in and of itself), but going OUT as a united army in the name of and for the purposes of Jesus Christ

we wouldn’t care anymore about our differences

we wouldn’t care about our or others’ shortcomings

we wouldn’t be jealous of others’ successes, but would believe that prosperity for another christian means prosperity for us, too

do you think this is too much to ask?
is it just a silly dream and nothing more?

i mean, if we prayed, sought God’s face, humbled ourselves and turned from our selfish ways (really), do you think God would make good on his promise to forgive us and heal our land . . . and our city?

i say, lets find out
aren’t we in desperate times?

isn’t it time to deepen our passion for God and for the lost in our city – really – and to put our very lives at stake?

can you picture a transformed nashville?
crime down to almost nothing . . .
prostitution obsolete . . .
porn shops and adult book stores shut down . . .
drug dealers out of business . . .
churches overflowing with people seeking God . . .
prejudice virtually nonexistent . . .
and our city leaders making their decisions based on the Word of God?
can you see it?
could God do it?
would God do it?
will He do it?
let’s come together and begin to ask God to increase our passion and our vision as He pours out His Spirit on His people in nashville

let’s ask God to help us see this city the way He sees it – transformed – from Music City USA to Worship City USA
there are many pieces of the Kingdom of God working independently of each other
let’s join together as the body, beginning (not ending) with a II Chronicles 7:14 mentality . . .
not an event
but a seeking
a turning to the only One who can transform us
“God, we are your people. heal us, forgive us, and restore nashville to Your Kingdom by the power of Your Spirit. we surrender our very lives, hearts and souls to You . . . completely.”
Jeff Deyo (formerly of SONICFLOOd) is worship leader and organizer of
WorshipCityPraise, a monthly prayer and praise gathering held in Nashville,
TN. Plans are in progress for WorshipCityPraise to be held in Adelphia
Coliseum in June. For more information, visit



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