Top Four Tips for Father’s Day from a Christian Actor, Singer, Author & Pastor

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, June 17, Christian Activities asked Christian singer Larnelle Harris, actor John Prather, author Shad Arnold and pastor G.F. Watkins to share some heartfelt advice on their best tips for Father’s Day
The best gift that a father can give his family and his children is a consistent life that is pleasing to God. My entire household changed when the prayers of my mom reached the heavens on behalf of my dad. When he became a believer and the spiritual head of our family, life for mom and I changed to one that was stable, more secure and God- honoring. –Larnelle Harris, Christian Singer

The best present you can give your children is your presence. I learned from my own dad that kids will forget most of what you’ve told them, they won’t remember most of the things you’ve given them, but they’ll always remember the time you spent with them.
–John Prather, Author/Hollywood Actor/Model

Invest heart-felt, one-on-one time and attention. Your children cannot truly know or fully experience the depth of your love for them without the vehicle of time. Time will take you to the same places and on the same journeys—together. Always doing, experiencing, and growing together. Time. –Shad Arnold, author of “Claire’s Dad: How I Earned the Title”

Jesus was 30 years old when we witness his affirmation by his Father in Matthew 3:16. He had recorded no miracles in 30 years. However after this affirmation, the book of John 21:25 says that if all the miracles Jesus did were written down, the earth could not contain the books. In the same way Jesus was released into his purpose and miracles by his Father’s affirmation, each child is also released into their purpose when a good father affirms them. Affirmation is something only a father can give simply because he is identified as the head of the family by God. This Fathers Day, give your children a gift that only you can give, affirm them by hugs, eye to eye conversation, assurance that you believe in them, and that you will always have their back. — G.F. Watkins, Pastor/Coach/Author/Speaker

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