Top 9 Faith-Based Movies Streaming Now

~ A list of the top 9 faith-based movies streaming on television in March 2024 ~

Streaming platforms like Netflix and the rest are a mixed blessing. They provide countless hours of (sometimes free) entertainment for a relatively low (or no) monthly charge, but they can bring a high degree of cultural toxicity into your home. However, they can also bring some inspiring faith-based films to your family. Here are nine Christian movies that are streaming on various channels now.


VANISHED also called Vanished: Left Behind Next Generation is a spinoff of the popular LEFT BEHIND book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. A teenage girl named Gabby and her younger sister, Claire, are left to fend for themselves in a crumbling world when their Christian mother and all believers suddenly disappear. With the help of two teen-age boys, they travel through a dangerous landscape to find Gabby’s father and hope for the future.

The Hill

The Hill, starring Dennis Quaid and Colin Ford, is a 2023 movie based on the true story of baseball player Rickey Hill (Ford), the son of a pastor (Quaid), who overcomes a physical disability to play the game he loves.

Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom promo
Sound of Freedom with Jim Caviezel

One of the best movies of 2023, The Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel tells the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard who gets caught up in the world of child trafficking. The film is now streaming on Amazon and other platforms. Read more at Sound of Freedom Movie Review by Author of Book on Human Trafficking.

Jesus Revolution Movie Poster
Jesus Revolution Movie

Jesus Revolution

This true story of how Greg Laurie became a Christian during the Jesus Revolution and went on to pastor a mega church is streaming now on Amazon Prime. Learn more at Jesus Revolution Movie: Just Go See It.


This 2016 New Zealand film is a surprisingly decent effort considering it is heavily the work of one family. A teenage girl goes to live with her aunt following the death of her parents. There at a nearby tunnel complex, she spots warriors bathed in a blue light. Following several dreams of impending doom, she goes into the tunnels to find answers and meets an angel who has answers to some of her questions.

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid on the cover of People Magazine

Blue Miracle

The 2021 Netflix FilmBlue Miracle, starring Dennis Quaid, is an inspiring story based upon actual events. Blue Miracle tells the incredible true story of Casa Hogar, a boys home in Mexico that entered the world’s biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage. This is Quaid’s second appearance on this list. Read more at Netflix Film Blue Miracle Starring Dennis Quaid a True Story.

The Pilgrim’s Progress

This animated movie is based on John Bunyan’s classic allegorical tale written in 1678. Read more at The Pilgrim’s Progress.

A Week Away

A Week Away is a 2021 Netflix teen musical that follows Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn), who chooses church camp over juvie after he has a run-in with the law. The movie also stars Bailee Madison (Letters to God.)

Legacy Peak

Legacy Peak (2022) starring Lucas Black is a faith-based film about a man who takes his girlfriend’s two kids up in his plane to surprise the grandparents at their cabin for Christmas. Crossing the wilderness, a flock of birds flies into the plane, forcing an emergency landing. Can they make it to the cabin for Christmas? Can they make it there at all?

These nine films are definitely worth watching.

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