Top 5 Christmas Gifts for 2022

Christmas gifts are part of the holiday tradition, whether for good or bad. And while presents should not define Christmas, the act of generous giving is associated with the Wise Men and the Christian life. We did not receive many items to review this year, so our list will be brief.

Elf on the Shelf

Number 5 on our list is Elf on The Shelf. A perennial favorite for the little ones, Elf on the Shelf is as cute as ever and a great gift for the little ones. See Elves of Christmas 2022.


Number 4 is the Snowflake 19-in-one multi-purpose tool. This pretty tool makes an ornament, but is also handy for small repairs on the fly.

King of Angels

Number 3 is the holiday EP from Kate Stanford, “King of Angels.” Produced by Christian Music legend Cindy Morgan, this seasonal EP features five holiday favorites. See Kate Sanford Joins Denver and the Mile High on Christmas Tour.

That Special Time of Year

Number 2 is another Christmas classic in the making, “That Special Time of Year” from Reggie and Ladye Love Smith. With 12 Christmas classics and the new song “That Special Time of Year,” this project will be a nice addition to your holiday music. See Reggie and Ladye Love Smith Release First Christmas CD.

The Return of the Gods

Number 1 is the new book from Jonathan Chan, “The Return of the Gods.” This riveting book looks at ancient Biblical and Middle Eastern history and legends that point clearly to some of the strangest changes in our woke culture. It is well worth a read and should make its way into a lot of Christmas stockings. See Author Jonathan Cahn Reveals Ancient Mystery Behind Wokeism.

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