Top 10 COVID-19/Coronavirus Safety Tips

Much of our nation is now under lockdown due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are struggling, and our government is taking drastic measures to curb the disease and jumpstart the economy. People are taking the disease more seriously and researching Coronavirus safety tips. Shoppers are wondering what to buy to protect themselves and their families against COVID-19 when they have to go out for groceries and other necessities.

While Coronavirus is not deadly in most cases, people over 60 and those with a history of pulmonary problems, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and hypertension are more at risk.

The CDC and WHO both have information on their sites that will be helpful, but if you are looking for a few shopping tips from Amazon that can be applied to other stores, here are some of my personal recommendations. These safety basics may seem overboard to some readers, but I believe in “better safe than sorry.”

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Top 10 Coronavirus Safety Tips

1. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY. Always wash your hands after shopping or any interaction with other people or touching any public surfaces. Using soap and warm water, and washing all surfaces of the hands, fingers and wrist for 20-30 seconds work better than hand sanitizer. Wash your hands immediately after opening doors, shaking hands, pumping gas, etc. Better yet, use a paper towel or disposable gloves to open doors or pump gas and discard immediately, and avoid shaking hands to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

2DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Do not touch your face. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes, like the plague, pardon the pun.

3COUGH & SNEEZE PROPERLY. Sneeze and cough into your elbow to avoids spreading Coronavirus germs.

4USE HAND SANITIZER. If you must go out, carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you for times when you cannot wash your hands.

5MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING. Practice social distancing. Stay 3 – 6 feet apart from others. Better yet, stay at home and isolate whenever possible. To avoid interacting with others, consider shopping online for supplies whenever possible, or use a shopping service to limit your exposure to Coronavirus. Be sure to decontaminate any packages that arrive.

6DISINFECT SURFACES: Decontaminate after going out with spray disinfectants. Use on your steering wheel and any seats or trunk where you place items. Spray the bottoms of your shoes before entering the house. Alcohol-based disinfectants seem to work well against COVID-19.

Note: Spray disinfectants are not recommended for use on skin or clothing.

7. DISINFECT  CLOTHES. Wear clothes you can wash and dry on the hottest settings. Drop your dirty clothes in the washing machine immediately without touching other surfaces. Wash on hot setting with a disinfecting detergent, put in dryer on hot setting, and put on fresh clothes immediately. Spray the laundry area with disinfectant to avoid contamination from infected clothes.

8. PROTECT YOUR FACE Amazon carries a huge selection of Face masks, but these can be tricky to find. It has been widely reported that only N95 masks work against Coronavirus, and those are hard to find. It is easier to find Level 3 face masks and lower face masks, but even those face masks are difficult to find. We found a Level 5 face mask that said it had an N95 filter layer to stop bacteria, but it sold out before I could post it. Level 5 masks that have or allow you to insert an N95 filter might be decent protection, and they might keep reappearing as new stock comes in, so check back often if you need a few masks.

Note: Please do not hoard face masks. Our medical professionals need them desperately so please stay home and avoid getting out rather than stocking up on masks.

Painters masks also might afford some protection.if you can find filters for them that block organic matter like bacteria and germs.

9. PROTECT YOUR EYES. Since there is evidence COVID-19 can transmit through the thin membranes of the eyes, eye protection is also important. Amazon also carries a wide assortment of Safety Googles, such as these basic safety goggles They also have safety glasses that look like normal glasses if you don’t want to look like you are wearing goggles.

Other items to protect the head, hair and face include machine washable baseball caps, shamaghs, and even face shields,

10. WEAR DISPOSABLE GLOVES: Disposable gloves are also important to have on hand for opening doors, pumping gas, handling trash, and other contaminated surfaces, as well as taking care of sick family members.

Having the right supplies on hand and observing these Coronavirus safety tips can help you and your family survive the COVID-19 pandemic

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