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Troop member nominated for Kid of the Year award~

Trail Life USA(, the largest Christ-centered, boy-focused scout-type organization in the country, is proud to see that Troop TN-0069 member Cash Daniels has been nominated for Kid of the Year by Time for Kids magazine. One of the top five nominees for the award, Daniels has become a loud voice in the fight against the plastic pollution of rivers and oceans.

After finding plastic in the Tennessee River and learning that Chattanooga is one of the most polluted cities in the world, Daniels knew he had to do something to help. Daniels began by organizing community outings to go clean up the rivers, then teamed up with local businesses to help recycle aluminum cans. He also took the initiative to install fishing-line recycling containers along the Tennessee River. People can discard used fishing line in the containers instead of in the water, where it entangles birds and other creatures. Daniels even wrote a book about his passion for environment conservation titled “One Small Piece.”

Daniels also founded “Cleanup Kids,” which encourages kids to make a difference by picking up and recycling litter. “Kids may be a small percentage of the population,” Daniels stated. “But they are 100% of the future.”

Through these efforts, Daniels exemplifies Trail Life’s dedication to care for the environment. 

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life, commented, “In the Trail Life Oath, Trailmen commit to serving God, and ‘being good stewards of creation.’ We feel this stewardship is so important that it is one of Trail Life USA’s Six Essential number five declares, ‘each human being must be a good steward of the resources God provides and responsibly cultivate and conserve them for His glory.’ Cash Daniels is a prime example of how Trail Life encourages boys to be strong leaders and to respect the world that God has gifted us.”

Daniels, who lives in Chattanooga, TN, helped remove more than 12,000 pounds of garbage from the Tennessee River. The money he earns from recycling aluminum cans supports additional river conservation efforts. The winner of the Kid of the Year award will be revealed on Nickelodeon on February 9, 2022. 

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