Time Flies; Prices Increase

 This receipt from Nov. 19, 1997 may not look that interesting, but I found it this week while cleaning out a storage box. I thought it might be of interest to compare the prices, then and now.

Today that same $3.50 spray bottle of Ortho Weed B Gone would cost $13.98  and that $.49 bottle of spray cleaner would run at least $3.97 – $4.29. I don’t have a comparison for the Barbie tin. 

We all know the economy is in big trouble and prices keep shooting up. Any trip to your local grocery store or big box chain will bear witness to this inflation of prices.

As a result, many retired  people are looking for work because the social security they paid into all their lives is often not enough to pay their monthly bills. 

We have sent so much money oversees and given so much of our tax dollars to illegals that many people born and raised here in the U.S. are struggling to pay the bills  

Businesses are also struggling both due to the economy and the after effects of COVID  

What’s the solution? Is there a solution?

The Bible has a lot of wisdom on finances. That’s a good place for anyone to start. We should all try to be good stewards of our own finances and learn to work within a Budget.

And often we can learn valuable Life Lessons from the frugality of previous generations  

As for our country, a change of leadership would be a step in the right direction, but not if we get another Washington insider in office who will just keep doing the tax-and-spend routine with the American people  

Revco was sold to CVS Pharmacy in February 1997. It must have taken some time to change the stores over since this Revco receipt is dated November 19, 1997. Whatever the case, prices have certainly inflated since then.

Time flies  Prices increase and the American people continue to struggle. But God is still in control. Whatever your political persuasion, let’s all join together to pray for better leadership both locally and in the coming 2024 election, just one short year from now.

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