Thoughts on the Shooting at The Covenant School, Nashville

~ The Shooting at The Covenant School, Nashville, TN ~

On March 27, a Nashville woman committed a mass shooting at The Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school in the Green Hills area of Nashville. A former student of the Christian school, Aiden Hale killed three children and three adults, but was brought down by Nashville police before she could kill more.

Authorities claim that that none of the six murder victims were targeted at the school building, and yet the pastor of the church that runs Covenant School lost his daughter to the gunman.

The shooter’s parents told police that the 28-year old “transgender” killer was under a doctor’s care for an emotional disorder, and they were surprised to learn she had hidden guns in their home.

Hale had worked for months on a manifesto about the planned attack as well as gathering maps and building plans. According to News Channel 5, police claim that the gunman’s writings are under “careful review” by the FBI, and that her motive is still unknown in spite of the writings in their possession. Hale had messaged a friend shortly before she started her attack, stating that her manifesto would make everything clear.

Immediately following the shooting the Nashville community rallied around the school. A makeshift memorial for victims appeared outside the Covenant School building at the Covenant Presbyterian Church following a shooting. By the end of the day, most local stores had sold out of red and black ribbon and bows as residents decorated mailboxes and doors. The Michael’s store in Bellevue invited customers to paint rocks in red and black for Covenant School after they ran out of red and black ribbon.

But while residents rallied, many used the occasion to push political agendas. Rallies for gun control and “transgender” rights took place, instead of anyone asking hard questions about why the “transgender” Hale targeted the Christian school, killed the pastor’s daughter, and what her manifesto stated.

Was it a hate crime, vengeance or the result of a mental illness? Why is it taking experts so long to read a manifesto Hale said would make her motives clear? Why is banning guns seen as the ubiquitous answer to the problem instead of treating and/or hospitalizing the mentally ill shooters?

Questions remain and a city wants answers. What did the manifesto say? It’s time we were told.

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