Thoughts on Mother’s Day

~ Mother’s Day Thoughts ~

Mother’s Day, two different avenues of emotions and memories will gush from your past depending on the Mother you had. For most, there are wonderful memories of a caring individual who has loved you unconditionally since birth. But unfortunately for some, the memories are not as pleasant.

For them, the pain gets more intense each time they replay the childhood films in their head……agonizing over their vulnerability and despair. Mother’s Day just acts as another trigger, that pushes the play button, causing the tape to begin again. As Christians we must always be aware, not focusing on
ourselves….but rather tuned into the people God has strategically placed around us. Be mindful of these things, and be a good listener when it comes to all situations. Don’t be so secure and blinded by your blessings that you forget to reach out. Don’t offer pity, but rather love wrapped in the sincerity and the
hu! mbleness of Christ. We cannot talk away someone’s past, or cover it up with words. But we can use our words to intercede, as we lift individuals up in prayer before a loving God.

Make a point this Mother’s Day to pray for those who have never experienced unconditional love. Pray that they will feel
the loving arms of Christ and His ever-present refuge.

If your Mom demonstrated unconditional love, then take this day and let her know what she has meant to you! If the opposite is your reality, and Christ is your Savior……allow Mother’s Day to be your monument, an everlasting reminder of the day you marched back to the enemy’s camp and took back what satan stole from you. With the strength of the Holy Spirit, forgive your mother. Don’t allow satan to bind you any longer to the pain and hurt from your
past. This doesn’t mean that you condone any wrong behavior, you simply forgive the wrong that has been done to you……..releasing the burden that has been keeping you from the complete peace and healing! As we take the strongholds satan has on us and give them to God, He turns them around as a weapon to be used against satan. They are more powerful than anything we could ever devise!! Not only do you become proficient with this weapon but it can become a b! eacon of hope and a true symbol of defense for others with similar backgrounds! There is nothing better than the sound of chains being broken in the name of Jesus and knowing that you are not alone in this rugged journey of life! Seasoned, powerful saints have been tenderized by the
blows of life! The fortitude of the most humble and effective tools in ministry, is a direct result of the adversity in their lives!
Celebrate Mother’s Day this year by giving Him the glory and authority in every area of your life. Praise Him for blessings, victory and adversity.

God bless you and Happy Mother’s Day

From our archives May 4, 2011

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