Thomas Nelson “EXTREME FOR JESUS” Presents “BEACHAPALOOZA” Event

Thomas Nelson Publishers, having sold over 300,000 copies of its “Extreme Teen” Bible in just over a
year, is continuing to be innovative in its “Extreme For Jesus” product line by creating new and unique ways to launch products and
events that will appeal to teen consumers.
In support of “Extreme For Jesus (Xt4J),” Thomas Nelson is partnering with Spring Harvest, an organization with three years of
successful Spring Break fetivals behind them, and corporate sponsor Books A Million, to launch an annual ŒBeachapalooza1 event
premiering March 12-17, 2001 in Daytona Beach, Fl.
XT4J and Spring Harvest have obtained 500 feet of prime beach property, and a band shell that seats 8000 for the event. Spring
Harvest has booked a number Christian musicians to perform, including new Pamplin artist Katy Hudson and indie artists
Spinaround, Jordan’s Wake and Blind to Babylon. Over three nights, ‘Beachapalooza’ will also present a “Battle of the Bands,”
where eight bands will compete for a recording session at Nashville1s Sound Kitchen studio and the opportunity to be heard by
record companies.
“We want to create an environment that is at both times entertaining and wholesome,” commented Hayley Morgan, Xt4J Brand
Manager. “Our goal is to create a venue that attracts the average spring breaker while allowing the missionaries volunteering at the
event to create friendships and share Christ with them. Thousands of teens and adults are coming from all over America for a week
of beach missions to the spring breakers.
In addition to music, Xt4J is recruiting stars and pro athletes to conduct extreme, survivor-like games to include a velcro wall, a
bungie run, as well as a “hang out” tent (110 ft X 60ft) that is filled with bright blow-up furniture and white lights. Xt4J also has
plans to reach even more spring breakers by having laptops in the tent for internet and e-mail access. Xt4J events are scheduled to
run at odd hours, realizing that after 2am when all the bars close Spring Breaker’s are looking for things to do.
“Extreme for Jesus” is a brand of Thomas Nelson Inc. that seeks to re-engage teen culture with Biblical truth through Christian
product that is extreme in its call to faith and edgy in its presentation style. “Extreme for Jesus” is also the first and only teen brand
to include books, Bibles, Bible Reference books, journals and various ancillary products. The brand is built on extensive research
used to better understand life issues from the teenage perspective. Best known for the “Extreme Teen Bible,” (over 300,000 copies
sold), “Extreme for Jesus” continues to push the limit in content,
packaging and promotion for the teen market.
On Thomas Nelson’s solid commitment to teens, Morgan again comments, “We are continually brainstorming and researching new
ways to reach– this is a mission that will not die, but will expand and re-create itself in the marketplace for years to come.”

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