‘The Tale of Despereaux’ – Movie Review

In The Tale of Despereaux, Matthew Broderick offers his talents as the world’s bravest mouse. Once upon a time in the far away kingdom of Dor, lived a brave and virtuous mouse with comically oversized ears who dreamed of becoming a Knight. Banished from his home for having such lofty ambitions, Despereaux sets off on an amazing adventure with his good-hearted rat friend, Roscuro (Dustin Hoffman) to rescue an endangered princess (Emma Watson) and save an entire kingdom from darkness.
On his journey, Despereaux encounters an unforgettable group of colorful characters and learns about life’s important lessons like courage, honor, forgiveness and ultimately redemption.
The Tale of Despereaux is a charming and fun-filled story based on the heartwarming children’s best selling book. The movie features the voice talents of Matthew Broderick, Emma Watson, Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, William H. Macy, Tracy Ullman, and Stanley Tucci, The Tale of Despereaux has something for everyone – excitement, adventure, and a hero for boys, a princess and a love story for girls, fun and entertainment for adults and kids alike! For people of all ages, this is a timeless story about finding one’s place in the world.
Consumers will also receive a free Kodak Gallery pocket photo book (a $9.99 value) with the purchase of the DVD (on specially marked packages, while supplies last)!
THE TALE OF THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX: A (MOSTLY) NON-FICTIONAL MAKING-OF: In this behind-the-scenes featurette we see how a modern animated film is made from beginning to end – starting with the story’s initial conception and taking us through all the various animation steps. The piece will showcase all of the amazing talent behind the creation of this film.
TOP TEN USES FOR OVERSIZED EARS: Our hero and role model for the child with similar physical anomalies demonstrates with enthusiasm and creativity the exemplary benefits of having oversized ears, in a top ten countdown.
SNEAK PEEK OF CURIOUS GEORGE 2: FOLLOW THAT MONKEY: Only on the Tale of Despereaux DVD, be the first to see an exclusive sneak peek of the all-new movie, Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!
BONUS FEATURES (Exclusive to the DVD):
INTERACTIVE MAP OF THE KINGDOM OF DOR: From this interactive map, viewers can explore the world of Despereaux, learning more about The Kingdom of Dor with each click.
DESPEREAUX’S QUEST GAME: From fleeing past a crowd of rats to hurtling through a gauntlet of mousetraps, this multi-level game stands as the true test for Despereaux’s courage, bravery and honor as he has to deliver the gold necklace to the King.
BUILD-A-BOLDO GAME: After falling into Chef Andre’s delicious soup, Boldo must be put back together. Viewers can collect the missing parts and bring him back to life.
DVD-ROM: Card Creator, Fairy Tale Fantasy, Coloring pages, Wallpapers, Screensavers, Printable Activities are available to the viewer.
Street Date: April 7
Copyright: 2008 Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Running time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Rating: G
Cast: Matthew Broderick, Robbie Coltrane, Frances Conroy, Tony Hale, Ciaran Hinds, Dustin Hoffman, Richard Jenkins, Kevin Kline, Frank Langella, Christopher Lloyd, William H. Macy, Charles Shaughnessy, Stanley Tucci, Tracey Ulman, Emma Watson, and Sigourney Weaver.
Directed By: Sam Fell and Rob Stevenhagen
Produced By: Gary Ross and Allison Thomas
Based on the Book “The Tale of Despereaux” By: Kate DiCamillo
Screenplay By: Gary Ross
Screen Story By: Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
Executive Producers: William Sargent, Ryan Kavanaugh, David Lipman, and Robin Bissell
Co-Producer: Tracy Shaw
Production Designer: Evgeni Tomov
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