The Story of a Child

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A long time ago when I was in school,
My mother used to dress me up like a fool.
She would dress me in pink, and blue and purple,
i thought she was trying to make me look like a girl.
So one night I decided that Mom had to pay;
I knew I would get her somehow, some way.
So listen kids at what I decided to do,
I waited for my mother to leave the room.
I got up my broom, I gathered my clothes ,
And then quietly I snuck around on my toes.
To the fireplace I went and opened the door,
And at that second my toes left the floor.
I climbed in the soot, and i stood in the ash,
My feet started to itch like I had gotten a rash.
And I rolled up my clothes and held them real tight
And then I began to give them a wipe.
As I rubbed and I scrubbed, and the dirt settled in,
All that dirt started covering my skin.
Finally Mom came in and saw the mess in our house
But in this story the mess was not made by a mouse.
She was shocked and mad, then she looked right in my eyes,
And she began to smile to my surprise.
She came over and hugged me,
And picked me up in the air,
I guess she wasn’t mad, she really didn’t care.
And so ends our story and if nothing learn this,

Your mother’s love is something you may miss.
Their love is like a birthmark that is underneath your skin,
And unconditional love that only comes from within.
So next time your mom tells you something you don’t really want to do,
Remember that the person she loves is you.
I would like to dedicate this story to all the singles moms who work hard to raise their children alone so that their kids will have a great life and be able to fit in/


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