The Sites of Mayberry



Let’s go on a visit to Mayberry to have a look around
There are special places there, just waiting to be found.
So now sit back and relax and pull up your favorite chair
Come with me for a little while, as we travel there.
First to the courthouse to visit Andy and Barn
Where Barney is sleeping and Andy’s spinning a yarn.
The jail cells are empty and closed up so tight
Just waiting for Otis to come on Saturday night.
Floyd’s Barbershop is found right next-door
With fragrant witch hazel and hair on the floor.
A friendly game of checkers may well be at hand
Mayor Stone complaining about the Mayberry band.
We will go across the street to Walker’s Drugstore
Where we can get ice cream and so much more.
Maybe old Emma Watson will be buying her pills,
They cost but a dime yet they can cure all her ills.
Foley’s Market is but just a wee whisker away
Where we will get service without any delay.
Charlie Foley will greet us with a smile on his face
While he puts all his produce neatly in place.
If we go around the corner the bank will be there
With Asa the guard fast asleep in the chair.
The alarm system is ancient and the safe is a wreck
Deputy Fife will be busy doing a security check.
We surely must go visit Mayberry’s county clerk,
Where we will find Howard Sprague hard at work.
He’ll be stamping receipts and keeping things straight
And with no girlfriend on hand he will always work late.
The Mayberry diner is the best place to eat
In fact it’s the only one on all of Main Street.
The special might be soup or maybe a fish fry
We will have to save room for their homemade pie.
We must go to the school and visit Miss Crump
Or we could shoot rats out at the old town dump.
Morrelli’s is the best place to go on Saturday night
We’ll order pounded steaks for they are just right.
Wally’s gas station of course is a most welcome stop
Where we can visit Goober and have a cold pop.
There’s free air and water for every guy and lass
But they charge by the ding for that great Acme gas.
We must be sure to visit beautiful Meyer’s Lake
Where Old Sam the carp everyone tries to take.
The peaceful surroundings may cause us to sleep
And the fish that are caught there we surely will keep.
Mayberry’s All Soul church is a quite a place to see
And we may notice it might leans two inches or three.
The choir might just be there in their blue robes so new
And Reverend Tucker might pray for me and for you.
We really must stop and see old Ben Weaver
He sells everything from a pot to a cleaver,
Shoplifting is forbidden; it’s never taken in strife
And you had better watch out for Deputy Fife.
The duck pond is busy on most Friday nights.
Unless Barn and Thel have had one of their fights.
But why go to the pond when ducks you can’t see
At least that’s what Opie did once ask Barney.
Next to the duck pond we find Crouch’s Wood.
Where Opie and his merry men play Robin Hood.
Old Weird Willy is now gone but he may come back,
So we really should check out his old wooden shack.
Our little tour of Mayberry would not be complete
Without a visit to the house at 14 Maple Street.
For here is the friendly home of Andy and his kin
Aunt Bee may be home and she will welcome us in.
I hope you have enjoyed the tour of the town
Where all will see smiles and seldom a frown.
Please come back when you have more time to stay
For Mayberry’s the best in all the U. S. of A.
Kenneth G. Anderson
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
From The Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry

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