The Rock Across Australia Gives Honors

Australia’s national Christian music charts, The Rock Across Australia, today named American band Jars of Clay as Artist of the Year, and Bethany Dillon’s driving pop hit Beautiful as the Song of the Year. The Rock Across Australia, referred to as TRAA within Christian music circles, researches radio airplay of Christian songs throughout Australia each week.
The report shows that Jars of Clay topped TRAA’s Artist of the Year Top 100 chart and secured three places in TRAA’s Top 100 Songs chart with Show You Love, Sunny Days and I’m In The Way.
16-year old pop songstress Bethany Dillon topped the Song of the Year chart taking Australia by storm with Beautiful, a song that explores themes of self worth.
TRAA researcher Wes Jay says that 2004 was a year of change for Christian music with many new artists getting their opportunity. “Bethany Dillon, Brooke Fraser, and Shawn McDonald all launched successful debut albums,” he says. “Worship-inspired songs from Delirious?, Third Day, Todd Agnew, and Jeremy Camp also captured the imagination of contemporary music buyers.
“While established acts such as Jars of Clay, Third Day and Delirious? solidified their positions, the Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W Smith, and Amy Grant secured less airtime on Australian Christian radio,” says Wes. “Perhaps this is the beginning of a changing of the guard,” he suggests guardedly.
According to the report, Australasian Christian music is now experiencing a boom in creativity. “In the past year, more songs by Australasian artists than ever before have made their way into the Top 100,” Wes says. “Almost 30% of the year’s Top 100 are songs recorded by Australasian artists. This is a sure sign that Christian music is flourishing spiritually and creatively in this country,” he adds.
The Rock Across Australia reports are available on-line at
Song of the Year – (There’s Gotta Be) More to Life – Stacie Orrico
Artist of the Year – Stacie Orrico
Song of the Year – Purified – Michael W Smith
Artist of the Year – Michael W Smith
Song of the Year – These Thousand Hills – Third Day
Artist of the Year – Paul Colman Trio 
Song of the Year – Shackles (Praise You) – Mary Mary
Artist of the Year – Paul Colman Trio
Song of the Year – There’s No Power in Pity – Cliff Richard
Artist of the Year – dc Talk


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