The Remix TV Gives Back In The Bahamas




Azariah Southworth host of “The Remix TV” hands out school supplies while in Nassau as Azariah hosts, Cruise With A Cause 2007.
“Cruise With A Cause is awesome because not only do you get to travel to the Bahamas but you also get to share your faith with the people of Nassau,” says Azariah. Cruise With A Cause is a chartered cruise put on by Praise Fest Ministries that gives you a chance to have a vacation and also take a missions trip.
Azariah says, “I heard about how the kids in Nassau needed school supplies so I knew I had to do something to help meet that need. Once we ported at Nassau we went to the streets where the kids were just hanging out and began to hand them school supplies. As we walked away one little girl gave her friend a high five out of excitement for receiving her new school supplies. One of the children said, ‘Wow! I have my own notebook!’ This is when I knew all the trouble, traveling, and expenses we went through to do this was worth it,”
Azariah hosted Cruise With A Cause this year. “If they invite me back next year then I’ll do it! It was a lot of fun introducing all the bands on stage to a sold out cruise! More importantly it was a great way to do the work we’re called to do as Christians.”
Cruise With A Cause is a chartered cruise line that allows people to, “take a vacation and change a nation.” Artists such as The Crabb Family, Nicole C. Mullen, Hawk Nelson, and Everlife performed on the ship at night. There were also conferences through the day with well-known speakers. Next year Praise Fest Ministries will resume the annual missions trip cruise in October. Check out for more information.
The Remix will begin their second season this September on the NRB and JCTV Network. Guest this season include, Jars of Clay, Superchick, Shane & Shane and many more! For more information on availability and air times for The Remix please visit
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