The Real Reason We Celebrate Easter

~ Thoughts on the real reason we celebrate Resurrection Day and the Easter season ~

It’s Easter—the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Christ has overcome death. Hallelujah!

The Reason We Celebrate Easter

Yes, we celebrate our risen Lord today. But without His death, suffering and sacrifice there would be no resurrection. We celebrate His life, His death, and His resurrection today as well as the hope it gives of us an eternal life with Him.

It’s not about eggs and bunnies, although they both symbolize life. But bunnies and eggs are nothing in comparison to the life everlasting that we can have in Jesus Christ.

Resurrection Day is about a God who loved us so much that He sent part of Himself—His Son—to earth to live among us.

Jesus walked this earth with us, ate our food, work beside us, felt the cold, the heat and the damp. He felt hunger and thirst. He suffered in the flesh as we suffer. He was persecuted, misunderstood, disrespected, distrusted, ridiculed, beaten, and hung on a cross where he slowly and painfully suffocated.

He was buried in a tomb with a huge and heavy stone rolled in front of the entrance. But His story doesn’t end there.

Resurrection Day

On the very significant third day, Jesus overcame death and rose from the dead. We celebrate the resurrection today, but it came at a great cost. We also celebrate the debt He most painfully paid for us so that we could rejoice in His resurrection.

It’s not about bunnies, eggs and baskets. It’s about a life, a beating, a cross, a sacrifice and a death, a tomb… and a stone that was rolled away. It’s about a promise of eternal life for those who will take up the cross and follow Jesus.

Happy Easter! He is RISEN!

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