The Power of His Love

The power of His love, the gift of His love shines through us, grabs us up in a big hug, wipes our dirty faces until they glow clean as snow, and says, “I love you anyhow.” Completely. We don’t have to measure up, do anything, be anything. He just loves us ’cause He does.
We can’t add anything to what he has done. We don’t have to!!! Free of performance–just loved. Just accepted, just forgiven.
He shows us His hands, His feet, His side, and says, “See, I did it all! I paid it all! You are free! Now go play with your brothers and sisters and love them with the same love I gave you.”
Unconditional love makes some of us nervous. We are so used to competing, working for it, doing something. You mean we don’t have to do a thing except believe It, and recieve It?????
The world conditions us one way. Work for it, earn it, do for it. Maybe if you are good enough you’ll get promoted.
The Kingdom runs on love. Recieve it. Give it. Freely recieve, freely give. Love Him, love others. Simple. Pure. Forgive others like He forgave you. He forgave you a whole lot, so forgive others a whole lot. Forbear with one another, be patient with the babes, help those who are stumbling around in darkness. Pray for them.
The Lord said to me the other day. “Keep it simple and sweet.” That is a KISS from Heaven. You see, I tend to get all complicated and prophetic. The Lord just said, “People are thirsty for PURE WATER. They’ll come when they see and taste that it is pure and sweet and fresh. People are thirsty, Loralee, they want refreshing. They are tired of it being so complicated. They just want ME.”

We have these kind of conversations. I like to be all deep and profound and say things that will make people think and grow, unlocking all kinds of mysteries through revelation. Jesus just said “Keep it simple and sweet.” Aye, Aye, Sir!
My husband likes to say, “God is love, PERIOD.”
Soak in it, recieve it, BELIEVE IT. Oh, how He loves you and me! He loves you—- you don’t have to carry that load any more. Lay it down. Just run into His arms and let Him love you! Drink it in!
Let Him look deeply into your eyes and say, “I have been waiting for this for a long time!! I have loved you forever, child, recieve My Love.”
Loralee Douglass has recieved a lotta love and forgiveness from Jesus so she oughta know. You can contact her at . If you liked this, subscribe to her email devotional by checking out the webpage at www.AWSM_NEWS.INJESUS.COM


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