The Passion of the Christ Rerelease

2005 People’s Choice Award winner The Passion of the Christ will be released again this Friday, edited to reach a wider audience. According to comments producer Mel Gibson made on the Sean Hannity Show, some movie goers felt like they could not take their grandmothers and young teens to see the film.
“I wondered if I could excise some of that and maintain the integrity of the film,” says Gibson who edited down 5 or 6 minutes of the controversial film. “I focused on the aspects that were the most graphic and in your face. It is still R-rated but it is not as graphic.”

Gibson says he cut out the close up of the crowning of Jesus, and the flagellation scene is about half the length of the unedited version. He states he believes the integrity of the film remains in spite of the edits.
Gibson has stated he didn’t make The Passion of the Christ for awards or for a marketing campaign. He has said he believes the negative comments before the movie released “emanated from the place of people who had not seen it.” He goes on to say, “I think that having displayed it so everyone can see it the fallout has all been positive.”
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