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In October of 1960, a sitcom appeared on the old black and white TV sets that celebrated family, friendship, community and the Golden Rule. That show was “The Andy Griffith Show.” It isn’t surprising to fans of the show to know that after 46 years, that show has never been off the air as it moved into syndication and reruns that are still popular today. Therefore, it’s little wonder to discover that fans are putting their love for the show and its characters in poetry form today.
Christian Activities Publications is proud to announce the release of The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry, a compilation of poetry about “The Andy Griffith Show” that celebrates the characters and the show that made millions of viewers laugh during the turbulent 60s as they watched the antics and friendships of the good people of Mayberry. The slim volume of poetry released in September 2007 contains approximately 200 poems about Mayberry written by over 60 different poets from 20 states as well as Washington, D.C.
Each poem pays tribute to a character, episode, or theme from “The Andy Griffith Show” or simply honors the fictional town of Mayberry itself with its small-town values and simple “good ole’ days” way of life. The poems range from humorous limericks to thought-provoking verses about the things that still make Mayberry resonate with viewers today.
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The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry is a wonderful collection of poems from versatile writers around the country who have one thing in common — they all love “The Andy Griffith Show.” Each unique poem celebrates the spirit of Mayberry.
A Tribute to Mayberry will take you back to a simpler time in Mayberry, USA.
A special memorial section pays tribute to actor Don Knotts who played lovable, bumbling Deputy Barney Fife. Knotts passed away in February of this year.
The Mayberry Poem is a perfect bound paperback book, 85 pages long, and illustrated. The 2007 edition features a full-color cover and 35 black and white photos from the show, as well as photos of Mt. Airy (Andy Griffith’s hometown and the town upon which Mayberry was based).
The updated edition of The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry retails for $11.95 plus $2.95 postage and handling. Tennessee residents add 9.25% sales tax.
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If you would like to add a verse to the next edition of The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry, please email it to Mayberry Poem and include your name, city and state.
Submitting your verse grants us permission to print it in future print and/or electronic versions of The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry.
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