The Man of Steel Rises Again

My husband is in awe of the “connections” I have… or once had that still benefit me. See, I got an email asking if I wanted to go to a pre-showing of “Superman Returns.” Duh. Still, he kept talking about how overdone the Superman vs. Lex Luthor concept is… how it is just not dynamic enough for today’s movie goers… it’s just too 1970’s.
Then the lights dimmed.
We learn that Superman left without saying goodbye. Now, five years later, he’s back. Martha Kent was afraid she would never see him again. Lois Lane has a permanent fiancé… and a son. Lex Luthor is out of prison. Things have changed for Clark Kent and Superman.
Relative newcomer Brandon Routh has donned the blue tights and red cape and does a pretty good job. He has some depth to him… pain, sorrow, action, hope. Routh is a solid Superman. Kate Bosworth is the ever strong and not so feisty Lois (seems motherhood has removed some of her edge). The true surprise for me was Kevin Spacey as Lex. Not quite the job Jack did as the Joker, but wow!

Director Bryan Singer walked away from X-Men 3 to do Superman, and he does not disappoint. Make sure you don’t miss Noel Neill and Jack Larson – they played Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in the 1950s TV show “Adventures of Superman” and are back as a dying heiress (Neill) and a bartender (Larson).
There is some talk going around about the Christ-likeness of Superman. Let me say there are some areas that I can see how this could be a good comparison. The father sends his only son to help a world become more than they are. At one point Superman talks to Lois about her writing “the world doesn’t need a savior” then comments “but I hear them cry for one.”
Still others say it’s more like Moses. I can see some of that, too. Could it be we like the theme of redemption running through most of our stories?
The final touch was the dedication of the movie to Christopher and Dana Reeve. To many he is Superman, so I thought that was fitting.
This movie will make any Superman fan, and any movie fan, glad they saw it. We’ll be going back to see it on the Imax this weekend… and we’ll happily pay for those tickets!

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