The Love Walk

Every so often the Lord wants to take us back to basics — to firm up the foundation, to test us and affirm us in the very bottom line of our Christianity.
The only two commandments Jesus ever gave were about love—to love God and love our neighbor. We could spend the rest of lives just growing in grace in these two areas.
These two aspects of love make up THE LOVE WALK. Just as we have two legs in order to walk–Jesus gave us two commandments in order to walk.
The problem comes when we try to walk with only one leg, or continually favor only one leg. we become lopsided, out of balance, or in today’s slang—lame!!!
You may chuckle, but the Lord is serious about this! Yet there are many, many in the Body of Christ who are trying to walk with one leg only–while totally minimizing the other.
Try it in the natural, it doesn’t work! The Lord wants us to have a balance of loving God/ loving others. First one foot then the other, in a continous flowing stride.
I have seen churches, and many individuals who are so hot for God,so passionate in their pursuit, that they shut out the needs of people all around them.
Then we all know others who are continually “doing” for others, building relationships, yet their relationship with the Lover of their souls consists of a ten-minute “quickie” in the morning and a two hour service on Sunday.
What’s the key? BALANCE.
Do you tend to favor one leg over the other???
Is it easier for you to love God OR love people?
TRY this little excercise. Get up for a moment and start walking. As you step forward with one leg, say “Loving God”, and then as you move with the next, say “Loving others.” Keep walking saying, “Loving God, Loving others.” See how easy and free and smooth it is! The Love Walk. Try it. It will help you remember to flow in love.

In your own life if you tend to lean toward one “leg” or the other–be aware this week to strengthen and incorporate the other leg.
If you are like me,a “Mary” and could spend days on end shut up in a closet with God-conciously choose to reach out lovingly to others.
If you are a doer—a “Martha”—don’t use the excuse that you are loving God BY loving others! No! Jesus won’t bite—consciously spend more quality time with Him.
In both cases of imbalance we must ask ourselves if we are afraid of intimacy. Either with the Lord or with people. Prehaps we have been hurt–so our walk is hindered, crippled.
Let the Lord heal you, so your love walk is flowing free!
Pray this prayer with me:

“LORD, let my love walk be a beautiful picture of your commandments–Loving You and then loving others. If one leg is weak–by your grace I ask for Your love to flow to heal and strengthen it!”
Remember this: KISS—Keep it Simple and Sweet.


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