The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Special Edition Review



Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment presents the sequel to its under-the sea-classic The Little Mermaid as the adventures of Ariel, Eric and their aquatic friends continue in this new Special Edition of The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea. Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and all your favorite characters from the original movie splash into a wonderful adventure overflowing with more new characters, new songs and a new story.
Ariel and Eric must hide their precious daughter Melody’s mermaid heritage to protect her from Ursula’s revengeful sister Morgana, so they build a huge wall around their castle to hold Melody in and the sea out. But when the lure of the sea proves too strong for Melody, and she slips out and becomes entrapped by Morgana, they call upon King Triton and all the good creatures on land and under the waves to help rescue their daughter and restore harmony to the seas. Melody discovers that getting what you want can come with a heavy price, and to not take candy.. or instructions… from strangers.
A good movie for children although not as good as the original. Themes deal with honesty between parents and children, having open discussions about dangers, obeying parents, and being cautious with people they don’t know who make enticing promises.
Gospel artist Jodi Benson once more lends her beautiful vocals as the voice of Arial.
Dive in for more fun with the all-new Mer-Venture Challenge Game, trivia and more Bonus Features:
o All new THE LITTLE MERMAID II Underwater Mer-Venture Challenge Game
o THE LITTLE MERMAID II DVD Storybook Narrated By Jodi Benson — The Voice Of Ariel
o “What Am I?” Sea Creature Game
o Deleted Song — “Gonna Get My Wish”
STREET DATE: December 16, 2008
Suggested retail price: $29.99 US
Rated: ā€˜Gā€™
Run time: Approximately 75 minutes

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