The Lighting of the Yule Log at Opryland Hotel

At 5:30 every night through the Christmas season, Opryland Hotel presents “The Lighting of the Yule Log,” a delightful free thirty-minute musical at the Delta Fountain. Surrounded by twinkling lights in the background an poinsettias in the foreground, “The Lighting of the Yule Log” begins in simplicity as a woman in colonial garb sits down by the fireplace to read a story-poem about the tradition of the Christmas Yule Log.
When she is through reading, the characters from her story come to life. Entering dressed in medieval garb, the ensemble sings “Go Tell It on the Mountain” as they take their places to act out the story. Throughout the musical, a talented troubadour strums a guitar as some thirteen or fourteen carols are sung. Songs ranged from the traditional such as “Silent Night” to the modern as with “Mary Did You Know?” A lovely throaty version of Amy Grant’s “Heirlooms” was a standout as well as the “Blessing” song performed by a duet of angelic-voiced young women.
The entire production has a spiritual seasonal theme as quotes are prefaced by introductions like, “By the grace of God.” The Almighty is definitely not left out of this Christmas production.
After enjoying the performance, take the time to check out Opryland Hotel’s other holiday amenities. There is a huge nativity scene set up in a watery wonderland outside, and no one should miss the conservatory and the botanical gardens — two levels of fantastic lights, waterfalls, plants and Christmas scenes.
Dinner at Rachel’s is an absolute treat. I recommend the buffet; for $18.50 each you can have all you can eat of some of the most sumptuous dishes I have set my teeth in. But the Opryland Hotel also has an Irish pub, an Italian restaurant in the gardens with huge multicolor lights strung overhead, a steak place (Old Hickory), seafood place, a food court and more, so there is no end of culinary choices.
There are also numerous shops and stores inside the hotel for window shopping as well as a candy store and a sweet shop as well as a couple of ice cream places for the young ones. Two huge Christmas trees erected out of poinsettias, and numerous other trees of various sizes decorate the hotel along with boughs and branches of holiday greenery.
Outside a horse carriage rides, and tons of lights and decorations everywhere complete the festivities, and there is also a display of ice sculptures on the grounds. But get a map of the grounds – it is easy to get lost!
Opryland Hotel knows how to celebrate the holidays. You will want to add “The Lighting of the Yule Log” to your list of holiday traditions.

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