The Heroes of Flight 93 TV Special Available on DVD with Bonus Features

When terror struck the heart of America on September 11, 2001, it was the ultimate battle of good versus evil. With our nation’s symbols of strength and freedom under attack, a heroic group of passengers on board United Flight 93 fought back against their captors. As a result, their plane was the only one of the four hijacked aircraft that did not reach its intended target—the U.S. Capitol.
As the years pass questions remain . . . Where was God on that day? and How could a loving God have allowed this to happen? Christian broadcast veteran Jerry Rose leads a response to these and other lingering questions in a new TV documentary, The Heroes of Flight 93.
The TV/DVD program, produced by Grizzly Adams Productions (GAP), carefully re-creates the final 30 minutes on board Flight 93 by piecing together forensic evidence, recollections of loved ones, and the actual voice recordings of the hijacking from the Cleveland Ohio Air Traffic Control Center.
“It is a story that in many ways exemplifies the teachings of Christ in John 15 of the scriptures: ‘Greater love has no man than this—that he would lay down his life for his friends,’” explains Jerry Rose.
Show interviewees include Sandy Dahl—wife of Flight 93’s Captain Jason Dahl; Deena Burnett—whose husband made four phone calls from the plane to her; Lorne Lyles—who received a phone call from his wife, flight attendant Cee-Cee Lyles; Kenny Nacke—whose brother is believed to have been a key player in the passenger revolt and telephone operator Lisa Jefferson, who shared an emotional recital of the Lord’s Prayer with Todd Beamer before his final call to arms, “Let’s roll!”
Nearly two hours of bonus features on the Heroes of Flight 93 DVD make this a truly extraordinary tribute. The 50-minute Gallery of Heroes individually spotlights the lives of each of the 33 passengers and 7 crewmembers on board the flight. Exclusive interviews feature Lorne Lyles, husband of flight attendant CeeCee Lyles, as he recalls their final phone conversation and prayer; D. Hamilton Peterson, son and stepson of passengers Don and Jean Peterson, who tells of the miraculous survival of the couple’s treasured Bible; and Minneapolis Star Tribune correspondent Gregory Gordon, who shares inside knowledge of the terrorists’ plot and preparations.
Supervising producer Chuck Sellier notes, “Rarely are bonus features as compelling as the show itself, but in this case, the insights into the lives of these heroes are perhaps the most moving tribute we can share with the public.”
The Heroes of Flight 93 DVD which also includes a church-wide curriculum is available at Christian bookstores or by calling (800) 811-0548. Christian retailers may order the DVD through Paraclete Marketing at (877) 669-9443. For licensing and volume orders, call GAP at (970) 663-3820.
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