‘The Grumpy Old Ox’ New Christmas Story for Children, Book Review

‘The Grumpy Old Ox’ a New Christmas Story from New York Times best-selling author Anthony DeStefano

There once was an ox,

grumpy and old,

blind as a bat,

selfish and cold.

The Grumpy Old Ox by Anthony DeStefano

Just in time for the 2020 holiday season, Anthony DeStefano has penned the new childrens’ Christmas story, “The Grumpy Old Ox.” This charming childrens’ picture book tells the story of a prideful, mean-spirited old ox who loses his sight — both physically and spiritually — until he witnesses the birth of the baby Jesus Christ in his humble stable in Bethlehem.

The ox is crippled and blind by age and temperament when the story begins. He is as mean as his owner, the keeper of an inn, who puts a pregnant woman and her husband in the stable with the ox one cold night. What happens next changes the life of the ox,

The fun and thought-providing book teaches children the true meaning of Christmas while explaining the central message of Christianity: that faith in Jesus leads us to resurrection and new life.

Illustrated by New York Times best-selling artist Richard Cowdrey, the picture book will entertain and inspire children and adults this Christmas season.

DeStefano reads the book in this 8″ video, that shares several pages from the book. “The Grumpy Old Ox” retails for $16.95 from SOPHIA Institute Press..

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