The Groovy Chick’s Road Trip Guide to Peace Features Christian Activities Writer

Freelance writer and groovy chick Joanne Brokaw will be included in the upcoming release The Groovy Chick’s Road Trip Guide to Peace (Cook Communications; release date May 1, 2005).
In the book, you’ll join “Pepper” and “Starshine” as you journey to find peace with God, others and yourself through humorous and poignant essays written by a host of other groovy chicks. The 60s and 70s theme is also woven throughout the book’s sidebar anecdotes, inspiring quotes and thought-provoking journal prompts.
Joanne Brokaw is a freelance writer who covers music and entertainment for Christian and community publications. Her feature stories have appeared in, Breakaway Magazine, Release and SevenBall Magazines, Rockline Magazine, and more than two dozen newspapers across the US and Canada.
In her story, “When Church Chicks Laugh, The Whole World Laughs Along”, Brokaw shares her journey from anxiety ridden, church-lady wanna-be to cool, hip, carefree church chick.
“I spent a lot of my life trying to live up to the stereotypical, prim and proper church-lady image, but I never seemed to fit in,” says Brokaw, who lives in East Rochester with her husband and college-aged daughter. “It was my friend Jan who taught me how to be myself. She’s the original Church Chick.”
For more information about the book, see The Groovy Chick’s Road Trip Guide to Peace


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