The Gift of Diamonds

Did you know that diamonds are not just for engagement rings
or special anniversaries any more? Even though “diamonds
are a girl’s best friend,” diamonds can now be used for just
about any special occassion – from a romantic gesture for a
girlfriend, to a special gift for a mother, to a symbolic
gift for a daughter or special friend. Giving a woman – of
any age – a diamond shows her just how much you care.
Diamond engagement rings are seen as the ultimate romantic
gesture in western civilization, and are associated with
true love and romantic marriage proposals delivered on a
bended knee. This is what most men think of when they think
of diamonds. And, as they go shopping for the perfect
diamond for their soul mate, they can often be overwhelmed
by the styles and cuts of the different diamonds. But don’t
worry – your jeweler will be able to help you through the
worst parts, no matter if you’re choosing a tradition ring
“off the shelf” or designing a one-of-a-kind custom ring for
your special lady.

But diamonds aren’t just for engagement rings. And they’re
not just for fianc~es. Surprise the mother you never know
what to get with a diamond brooch. Present your daughter
with diamond stud earrings for her eighteenth birthday.
Diamonds are a wonderful way to mark any special occasion
or right of passage, like a graduation or birth.
Another great thing about diamonds is their lasting
properties, seemingly eternal in nature. Unlike a lot of
gifts that will wear out or break down, and be quickly
forgotten, a diamond truly is forever. And, diamonds will
never go out of style, surviving fashion trend after fashion
trend. Further, diamonds often become cherished family
heirlooms, with diamond engagement rings being passed from
mother to daughter to granddaughter, bringing the
generations closer together. So instead of getting a gift
that will fade from memory, why not choose a diamond that
will always be a constant reminder of your love every time
it is worn.
Finally, let’s speak about the perception that a diamond is
a romantic gift that signifies a deeper level of commitment
in a relationship. This freaks out a lot of men when
buying jewelry, so they steer clear of diamonds. But, this
means that a lot of men miss out on the joy (and gratitude)
that a woman will display with the gift of a diamond of any
size or style. And if you steer clear of a ring that looks
too much like an engagement ring, you can avoid any type of
misconception about your intentions (until the time is
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