The Gathering of Dekker Fans


Yes, I am a member of the Circle… or for those who are not in the know, that means I enjoy reading Ted Dekker’s books. And today my DH (that’s Darling Husband) and I got to go to a conference with about 300 other Dekker fans, otherwise known as The Gathering.We got free t-shirts, pendants, to preview House (a movie based off the Dekker/Peretti novel) and an advanced copy of the newest Dekker work Sinner. Mr. Dekker was very gracious, friendly and funny. My DH, who went having never read a work Dekker has written, came away willing to dive into a book or two, or at the very least a graphic novel.
For lunch it was catered bbq and Ted Dekker, if you were a writer with 150 pages of manuscript written. If not, it was bbq and learning what all goes into turning a Dekker novel into a Dekker graphic novel given by Kevin Kaiser of Foom Studios and JS Earls, the writer for the Young Adult Graphic Novel series… wow, I had no idea! Then Allen Arnold, publisher for Thomas Nelson, presented Dekker and his wife LeeAnn with an original artwork celebrating Dekker selling three million books. The artwork depicts a buff Dekker carrying the three million (or there abouts) on his shoulders.
As a note, if you intend to see House when it releases in October… as of this writing, it will be rated r… not because of language, blood, or gore, but rather just for the heaviness of content (and probably the creepy inn keepers!).

After all the fun it was off to the Cool Springs Barns Noble to stand in line for a very long time… there was a car to give away (from a web site competition) and books to sign… with about 800 more people than they expected. Now, I’m not a very good judge of crowds, but I’m not sure there was 1000 people there, but that’s what the BN guy told my husband… I can just tell you it was a lot of bodies on a hot June day!
Now that my books are signed, I’m off to read Sinner… I’ll let you know what I think. In the meantime, Dive Deep!
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