The Earth Shuddered



At about three in the afternoon on a Friday, an earthquake ripped through the city. It happened at the very moment that he died. This earthquake tore the foundations of the great house of God and ripped open the veil that kept outsiders from looking in to the holy place. Little could anyone realize that the earthquake would shake not only Jerusalem but the entire world. The Romans had executed three men, and the first one died at the moment of the quake. The two terrorists were left to the horrors of having their legs broken and their death quickened, but the pious One had breathed his last with a single word, “Finished.”
As the contemporary song states, it was only the beginning. The death of Jesus is a horrendous end to the creation of the living God and the beginning of a new creation. We are now at the very center of the season of Lent, and with it we are rehearsing the movement of our Lord toward the great hour of his glory. When Jesus expired, all things old passed away and everything became new. In his death we have been given the death of our old life, and we have buried it in the depths of God’s forgetfulness. In his resurrection we have been raised to new hope that we might live and reign with our Master.


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