The Christian Culture Survival Guide



An excerpt from Matthew Paul Turner’s book The Christian Culture Survival Guide, featuring more than 40 lists that focus on the culture that sometimes makes us go, “huh?”
5 Questions You Never Want A Pastor To Ask On The First Sunday
1) “What did you think of my sermon this morning, young man?”–One pastor
from Tacoma Park, MD asked me this question. I looked at him very nonchalantly and said, “What sermon?”
2) “So do you think you’ll be coming back next Sunday?”–This question
sounds desperate. If you ever have a pastor ask you this, respond very
excitedly with your own question: “Are you going to be preaching?” Then just
walk away.
3) “Do you believe in tithing?”–I must say, I have never been asked this
particular question, but a friend of mine has, and I can certainly see why
he didn’t go to that particular church again.
4) “Can I come visit you sometime this week?”–NO!
5) “You want to step into my office?”–Not on the first visit
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