The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Review



I’ll Say Yes is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s 26th album in a recording history that stretches back to 1981, with the choir itself being formed in the early 1970’s. Over that time they’ve won 6-Grammy Awards, 7-Dove Awards, and sold over 4-million albums, not to mention gaining the reputation as one of the best choirs in the world.
They’ve also performed at noted venues like, Carnegie Hall, Radio Center Music Hall and a sold out Madison Square Garden.
What even makes all of those accomplishments even more spectacular is the fact that many of the choir’s 300 members have never had any type of formal vocal training and choir founder and director Carol Cymbala cannot read or write music.
I’ll Say Yes features 13-tracks of stellar music and last for just over 71 minutes. It all starts off with a rousing rendition of the song, “Holy is the Lord.”
Besides the traditional gospel choir sound you’ll also find the soulful song, “I Never Lost My Praise,” along with a Latin flavored number entitled, “We Fill the Sanctuary.”
It’s all about the vocals on this release. Nothing sounds better then a choir with all of its different vocal ranges all working together in perfect harmony.
Almost as big of a story as the choir’s music is the members that make up the choir. Pulling on different ethnic and economic backgrounds, the choir is made up of everyone from lawyers, and nurses to street people and former crack addicts.
Whether you just enjoy hearing good choir music or your looking to experience it for the first time you can’t go wrong with The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s music.
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