The Benjamin Gate Making Big Impact In Mainstream Sweden

South African natives, The Benjamin Gate is continuing to ride high with
their debut release on ForeFront Records, untitled. Churning out two hit
songs on the Christian Rock and Remix Charts, their third single, “Lay It
Down,” is beginning to make its way up the charts as well. In addition, the
band recently garnered Dove nominations for Best Modern Rock/Alternative
Recorded Song for “How Long,” Best Modern Rock/Alternative Recorded Album,
and Short Form Music Video for “All Over Me.”
While the Gate has been working hard in the studio on their upcoming June 25
release, Contact, Sweden has caught the Benjamin Gate fever! It has been
reported that Sweden’s largest national mainstream rock station, Stockholm
Radio, has had the band’s single, “All Over Me” on their A-list rotation for
a month now. This means the Benjamin Gate’s song is receiving heavy play
along with mammoth mainstream rock acts like Lenny Kravitz, Britney Spears
and NSYNC.
This is an unprecedented event for this or any European
mainstream radio station to have a Christian act featured so heavily, let
alone even played. In response, the Gate’s music is being pushed very
heavily to other mainstream outlets in Sweden and all of Europe in order to
maximize this opportunity. Their recent video “All Over Me” is currently
being shopped to several mainstream video programs, including MTV Sweden.
Stay tuned for all the latest from the band that is breaking down barriers
and infiltrating the world with the Gospel of Christ!
Click on link to see photo….Gate Photo
Working until the wee hours of the night, the Benjamin Gate has been working
diligently to complete tracks for their June 25 release, Contact, before
heading back home to South Africa for a month.

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