The Adventures of Bailey and Canteen

Cincinnati, Ohio-based, Standard Publishing announced today that the company has formed an exclusive partnership with Eddy Bolton to introduce a delightful new line of children’s stories entitled, The Adventures of Bailey and Canteen, which are slated to release in 2006.

“Standard Publishing is exited about the newly-formed partnership with Eddy Bolton,” said Darrell Lewis, Vice President of Marketing, Standard Publishing. “We pride ourselves in being a leader in children’s Bible storybooks, and we believe the stories in this series will capture the hearts and imaginations of boys and girls everywhere.”

Bolton is equally happy about joining with Standard Publishing, “…Without a doubt, God directed me to Standard Publishing. Their vision for the concept and their staff’s Godly-influenced direction and guidance has proven to be more than I had ever imagined. Now with over a year and a half behind us since our first meeting, and after reaching an agreement, together we have experienced many wonderful exchanges.”

With over 30 years of experience as a songwriter, performer and music industry veteran, Bolton’s expertise and creative approach inspired him to write his first children’s story, and these ideas have developed into what has now become The Adventures of Bailey and Canteen. His resume includes a stint with the legendary Speer Family (Speer’s), appearances on the popular Grapevine Opry with The Masters Four Quartet, as well as, acting as A&R Director for the Nashville-based Wright Music.

These one-of-a-kind, adventure stories, each with a music CD, allow children to interact with the story as they sing along to the songs that accompany each one. The stories in the series are about a little cowboy named Bailey and his best friend, a pony named Canteen. Readers will be able to watch the stories unfold as the characters come to life through Bolton’s eyes as each of the stories are told in a fun, relevant way that appeal to children of all ages. Bolton’s love for children and horses (and the bond between them), combined with the great outdoors is the basis of the stories in this new series. The first three Bible storybook titles, Canyon Rescue, Lost and Found, and Shelter from the Storm, are scheduled to release in August 2006.

“My desire and excitement about the series is expressed as I present each new adventure of Bailey And Canteen. It is not science fiction, but is about a little boy, loving God, loving and obeying his parents, loving nature and about his very special friends and companions,” said Bolton. “I want children to envision themselves experiencing these adventures, just as I remember acting out the stories I read as a boy. I want them to be natural and believable but more than anything else I want them to know that God is their best friend, that he loves them and that he is ever mindful of their lives and experiences.”

Standard Publishing is teaming up with Bolton to unveil an entire product line consisting of, but not limited to, hardback and softcover books with CDs, containing narrated stories and music, which is also written by Bolton. In addition, there will be coloring and activity books along with plush characters included in the launch of this series. For more information, visit
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