Mary Jo Toso
Nov 19, 2013

Thanksgiving for blessings that came through the year,

Thanksgiving praise due your name, with Holy Cheer,

Thanksgiving you glory for story after story

Of New Life in You, Lord, Thanksgiving!

The air is growing colder, Leaves are changing too,

From subtle greens of summer, to Autumn's amber hues.

Snow and ice may flurry, but folks will find a way

to celebrate together, on Thanksgiving Day.

Where firelight is burning the room may even glow,

but that won't hold a candle to the faces we all know.

Gathered 'round the table-joining hands we bow to pray.

Thank you for our loved ones on Thanksgiving Day.

We gather together at this special season.

Whatever the weather; we share the reason.

� 2000-2011 by Mary Jo Toso

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