Thank You, President Bush

[As] our country experienced war and national emergency, I
have watched our Commander-in-Chief make the decisions and set
the strategy… America’s friends know they can trust — and
America’s enemies know they can fear — the decisive leadership
of President George W. Bush.
– Vice President Dick Cheney, from Thank You, President Bush
Terrorism. War. Recession. Few presidents have faced such a
daunting set of challenges, especially so quickly upon taking
office. Even fewer still have responded with the vision and
leadership of George W. Bush.
Yet the President’s strong performance has not deterred shrill
left-wing critics from denouncing his character and distorting
his record. These misrepresentations must not go unanswered.
In the new book, Thank You, President Bush, an unprecedented
collection of conservative leaders have banded together to
make the case that the Bush-bashers are wrong; George W. Bush’s
record is not merely good, but among the very best.
Together in one book for the first time, Gov. Jeb Bush, Vice
President Dick Cheney, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft, Phyllis
Schlafly, James Dobson, Ed Meese, George Shultz, Grover
Norquist, Stephen Moore and a host of other leading commentators
offer an unmatched perspective on Bush’s tenure in office.

Read Thank You, President Bush and you’ll learn:
* How the war on terror and liberation of Iraq have dealt
body blows to terrorists while advancing both security
and freedom.
* How the President’s tax cuts revived an economy suffering
from a stock market crash, 9/11, and corporate scandals.
* How the President’s unswerving faith has made him a
powerful ally of women, infants and children.
* How George W. Bush has become the greatest conservative
champion since Ronald Reagan himself.
Though the authors take a dim view of the class warfare arguments of John Kerry and John Edwards, they do not take the tone of Michael Moore: this is not an attack book aimed at the “other guy.” Rather, it is a thought-provoking, highly-readable look at the achievements of President George W. Bush; and it is one which no conservative—or curious liberal—can afford to do without.
About the Editors:
Aman Verjee is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of American Thunder, a leading NASCAR magazine. A Muslim raised in Canada, he is currently the director of strategic planning for a Silicon Valley company and is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School.
Rod D. Martin is the chairman of Vanguard PAC. A former policy director to Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, he is a member of the Board of Governors of the Council for National Policy and vice president of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.
390 pages, Hardcover, $24.99

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