Texas Worship Leader David Frush

For Texas worship leader David Frush, ministry and music continue to go hand-in-hand.

Last year, while maintaining a busy schedule leading worship at events around the country, he served as the associate minister for students and worship at First Baptist Church in Forney. Recently, he took on a new role as the youth worship leader at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson. By working with students on a weekly basis, Frush has gained valuable insight on being real and authentic while ministering to youth.
While writing songs for his newest CD, “This is My Story,” Frush desired to reach people from all aspects of life and faith and to create a project that will inspire people to draw closer to the Lord.
Frush recently discussed the process of creating this CD, which includes a unique blend of original songs, traditional hymns, and the innocence of his 3-year-old niece singing “Jesus Loves Me.” This CD is the “total package” — it has a variety of songs that all types of listeners will enjoy.
1) Tell about the songs on this CD and how you were inspired to write them:
Frush: I don’t think I have ever been as excited about a CD as I am about this one. I truly feel that God has given me these songs to minister to others because that is the inspiration behind the music. Each song was written after I encountered a time when God was reaching out to my heart, as well as the heart of others. I have been given the opportunity to be involved in youth ministry again and have been overwhelmed by what some of these students have encountered. I met a boy who had been through abuse and neglect in his family and I honestly had no idea how to minister to him. Every time he would talk about it, I would just sit there speechless until I felt God saying, “Here is love; love that is never-ending. Love that is fulfilling and forgiving. Love that is redeeming.” I knew that is what this young man needed to hear. He needed God’s love because he had never felt loved in his entire life. It is situations like this that excite me about the CD because each song came from a time of actually doing ministry. God has given me the courage to share experiences that I have personally been through in my life in order to inspire and reach out to others who are going through the same situations.

2) How long did you spend working on this CD?
Frush: That is funny that you would ask this question! A LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG time. I guess you could say this entire year has been spent recording the CD. I actually started to record at the first of the year and after sitting down with my producer, Kevin Peters from The Glass Jar Studio, we both felt that God was calling me to wait, and wait has been the clear theme of this CD. God has definitely tested my patience during this recording process! I couldn’t wait to being recording again, but every time we started the process, something would happen to close this door. It was a funny thing because I had songs and melodies, and even ideas of what I wanted to say, but none of it was coming together. I knew at that point that God wanted me to spend more time praying over the songs. I felt as though God was challenging me to be more creative and honest in my songwriting, and after seeking His will, new songs and melodies started coming like crazy. I love it when this happens because I would literally be driving and hear a song in my head. I would then immediately go home and sit down at the piano or guitar and have a song written in 5 to 10 minutes. These songs are the best kind because it was evident that the melodies came from God and not from me.
3) How is this CD different from your other CDs?
Frush: I feel that these songs are different from the other CDs because I am older and have been through more difficult trials and challenges. I faced the “dreadful” question of, “what am I going to do when I grow up,” and other situations like that. This past year brought on a time of life-changing decisions and new areas of ministry that developed my heart and calling. These challenges forced me to have a deeper relationship with God because I desired to seek His will and not my own. The only way to find this path was to press into His Word. Throughout this time, God put a desire on my heart to become more real and authentic in my faith. I learned that if I were going through a time of frustration, doubt or tribulation, it was ok to write about it. I have always found it easy to write songs about how great and amazing God is, but it is difficult to write about personal struggles or times of questioning. I feel this CD is different because I wrote what God was teaching me, regardless if the lesson was about times of joy or sorrow.
4) Tell how people have been responding to the new songs:
Frush: I tried my best to write songs that would reach people on all different levels of faith. My goal was to have songs that people could relate to, and so far the response has been great. I have received comments about how a particular song has challenged and inspired listeners to move forward in their faith. However, the biggest response has come from the song, “Eyes of A Child.” I wrote this song after my niece, Kylie Marie Frush, was born. She just recently turned three and we had her sing “Jesus Loves Me” at the beginning of the song. She definitely steals the show on the CD! I let my youth group listen to it before the CD released, and they asked me to play Kylie singing over and over again. This song also features a children’s choir made up of piano students from my mom’s music studio. We definitely had the most fun recording this song in the studio. It really brought the words to life having children help tell the story.
5) What’s your favorite song on the CD?
Frush: This changes daily, but currently I would have to say it’s the bonus track, “Here Am I.” When writing this song, I felt like it needed to stand out and be different from the other tracks. I wanted it to capture the passion of true and authentic worship. It is hard to do that in the studio because there is so much starting and stopping, so we decided to record this song live. My favorite times of worship are when I am sitting at the piano at home, singing and playing whatever song comes to mind. I wanted this song to reflect those times, so I asked Kevin, the producer, to just record it live and not add any effects to the recording. I wanted the song to capture the intimacy and passion of my favorite times of worship.
6) Tell about some of the events you have performed at this year:
Frush: I had the incredible opportunity to open for two great Christian bands: Monk & Neagle and The Afters. This was definitely the highlight of the year and I am grateful that First Baptist Forney allowed this to happen. It was so amazing to be able to share the stage with these artists and to get to know their hearts. It is always encouraging to see someone who has the success that they do, use their talents to glorify God.
7) What are your upcoming plans?
Frush: I am taking on a new position at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, TX to lead worship for their youth ministry. This position will allow me to travel and accept more bookings for my worship and teaching ministry, 4:19 Ministries. I am excited about the potential this new CD has to minister to others and cannot wait to see how God uses this project. God has given me a passion to share my story and I am eager to see what this new season of ministry brings.
For more information about David Frush and his music, please visit www.davidfrush.com.


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