Texas State Student’s Bigotry Against Unborn Results in Destruction of Anti-Abortion Display

Footage is going viral of a Texas State University student violently attacking a Created Equal pro-life display led by ministry partners Love of Truth Ministries. Even more shocking than the student’s action was the later revelation he is currently studying “nonviolent social resistance.” Apparently student Ian Ramos, who is studying “nonviolent social resistance,” supports the violent dismemberment of the unborn as well as using violent actions against those who oppose his views.
VIDEO: Nonviolent Violence? bit.ly/2o30hWo
In a video posted on Twitter-which has since been removed-Ramos says, “First off, I reject bigotry,” according to a report by The Daily Caller. He continues, “I don’t have to put up with anyone peddling some false, ignorant ideology. I engaged my rage.”
Ramos goes beyond justifying himself, calling on others to follow his example: “I hope I was able to inspire a few of you all out there. I don’t know-speak up, wake up. Engage the opposition.”
“If his brand of ‘engaging’ is thuggery and censorship, one has to question the value of his ‘nonviolent resistance’ studies.” — Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal
Ramos is now facing charges and will soon learn a concept apparently not taught in his coursework: the rule of law.
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