Jean Carson – A Fun Girl Finds Joy

With more than 13 movie credits as well as approximately 30 television show roles and appearances under her belt, Jean Carson is an almost legendary blond “other girl” in Hollywood. She is best known to fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” as Miss Crump’s nemesis, “fun girl” Daphne. I have had the pleasure of seeing this veteran actress perform at several reunions of “The Andy Griffith Showï” around the country where she adds zest and vitality. People who know her…

David Bloom’s Last Report

He was devoted to his wife and children, he was admired, he gave every ounce of his being for those whom he cared most about – not himself, but God and his family. The night before David Bloom died of a pulmonary embolism, he sent his wife Melanie an e-mail that, in hindsight, seems to have foreshadowed his death. At his funeral April 16, 2003 at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, David’s brother John read the last message David sent…

Andy Griffith Tells His Story

In November of 1996, Andy Griffith told “Guideposts” in an interview about his painful experience with Guillain-Barr syndrome, “I firmly believe that in every situation, no matter how difficult, God extends grace greater than the hardship, and strength and peace of mind that can lead us to a place higher than where we were before.” His life has born testimony to this faith since his youth. When he was a child in Sunday School in Mt. Airy, North Carolina where…

Lisa Whelchel Shares the REAL Facts of Life!

Lisa Whelchel began her acting career at age thirteen as a Mouseketeer for The New Mickey Mouse Club and is best known for her nine-year role on “The Facts of Life.” As “The Facts of Life” experiences a resurgence of popularity due to the nightly airing of the show on Nick-at-Nite, a new two-hour ABC “Facts of Life Reunion” television show is slated for 2002. Lisa Whelchel shares a little about her faith and her walk with the Lord with…

Saved by Grace, 98ºs Jonathan Lippmann Tells His Story

Jonathan Lippmann of the boy bands 98 Degrees and True Vibe tells his story. I grew up as a kid with a lot of attitude. When I was in 7th grade, my father had a brain tumor and was given 6 months to live. I knew it was bad when his high school marching band came over to the house to perform for my father in the front yard. I knew at that point he was probably going to die…

Kirk Cameron Won’t Be Left Behind

During the “Left Behind” concert tour in January of this year, Kirk Cameron shared his testimony with the capacity crowd at the People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Cameron began by revealing his feelings of deep loneliness, even during his successful stint on “Growing Pains.” Kirk said that much like the character Buck Williams whom he plays in the movie, he discovered how much he needed Christ in his life. Through a friend Kirk came to know God. “He said, ‘Kirk,…

Steve McQueen Finds the Answer

The leading man of his day, with his rugged good looks, blond hair and blue eyes, Steve McQueen defined what being “cool” was for his generation. Born into a Catholic family, Steve McQueen, was a small town boy with little education who came from a broken home. He sought the love he had missed as a child in the adoration of fans of his many action movies including:& The Great Escape, Bullitt, The Sand Pebbles, Papillon, The Getaway, and many…


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