Terrorist Threaten NYC–ACLU Lawsuit Questioned

On August 3, 2005 the ACLU announced that they were suing the city of New York for violating the civil rights of subway riders by conducting random searches.
This case has not yet been brought before the court, but just imagine what could have happened if the ACLU had won this lawsuit. The 19 terrorists American officials are searching for right now could already have been allowed to walk onto our New York City trains and detonate their bombs.
The ACLU must not be allowed to win this lawsuit or to continue with their misguided thinking which leads to an agenda designed to protect criminals at the expense of law abiding citizens.
“With the current, very real, terrorist threat to the New York Subway System, the truth could not be any more obvious. Terrorists and all others who do not respect the American way of life must be stopped in order to protect the life styles of law abiding American citizens,” said Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America’s Values.
The ACLU is confused according to Swarthout. “Let’s get it right, you are either for the criminals or you are for the law abiding citizens of America. Terrorists are criminals and so are Illegal Aliens for that matter. Apparently the ACLU is more interested in protecting the rights of terrorists and Illegal Aliens than they are in protecting the rights of law abiding citizens.”
In the case of the New York lawsuit, the ACLU’s actions may be dangerous to the decent citizens of New York City. “Let’s face it; if you are murdered by the terrorists, your civil rights have been taken away from you. Yet, the ACLU wants to protect the rights of the terrorists. Why doesn’t the ACLU really want to protect the rights of decent law abiding citizens?”
“With the knowledge we already have about terrorists living in America who want to destroy us and our government allowing millions of Illegal Aliens to run across our borders Americans must wake up. It is time to stop kidding each other and demand that our government pull out all the stops to protect America, our American way of life and law abiding citizens.”
“We also believe that the ACLU’s abuse of the legal system is criminal. For that reason Christians Reviving America’s Values has already drafted a letter to Congress asking them to investigate the ACLU, their policies and their true intentions,” Swarthout said.

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