Tennessee No. 14 Best State for Beekeeping

~Tennessee ranked the No. 14 Best State for Beekeeping for National Pollinator Week~

National Pollinator week is approaching on June 20, and Tennessee has a thriving beekeepers community, making it a good state for beekeeping. In fact, the Tennessee Beekeepers Association recently hosted their “Bee-ing Inspired” 2022 Spring Conference on March 4th and 5th, 2022 at MTSU in Middle Tennessee.

Beekeeping is a popular hobby locally and across the country, but it is not without its challenges. According to americanbeejournal.com, beekeeping is facing new obstacles. “Ten years ago, beekeepers were folk heroes, the saviors of our food supply. But since the so-called insect apocalypse began shifting attention to other bees, beekeeping has come under attack.” According to the article, the new problem facing beekeepers is the competition between imported honeybees and native bees.

However, with the popularity of honey as a traditional sweetener with bonus health benefits, the hobby and business of beekeeping isn’t going to go away. A few of the health benefits of honey include:

  • A good source of antioxidants
  • Contains a variety of nutrients
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Heals burns and wounds
  • May improve heart health
  • May be better for blood sugar levels than regular sugar

To mark National Pollinator Week beginning June 20, Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Best States for Beekeeping. How does did the Volunteer State stack up?

Tennessee’s Beekeeping Rank

Tennessee’s Rank in Some Key Beekeeping Metrics (1st = Best)

  • Honey Yield per Colony (Pounds) – 8th
  • Average Price per Pound of Honey – 6th
  • Number of Honey Suppliers – 16th
  • Number of Beekeepers Associations – 2nd
To come up with their ranking, Lawn Love looked at several metrics, such as total honey production, number of active bee colonies, beekeepers’ salaries, and honey suppliers. They also considered colony losses and whether the state protects honeybees from harmful neonics.

The full Lawn Love ranking and analysis are available here: https://lawnlove.com/blog/best-states-for-beekeeping/

Did you know May 20 is World Bee Day?

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