Tennessee Farmers Markets Not Highly Rated in 2022

Few things are better than taking a weekly excursion to your neighborhood farmers market to find locally picked vegetables, infused honey, fresh jam, and other handmade goods. Tennessee boasts a lot of farmer’s markets. Nashville has a large farmer’s market downtown open seven days a week, and smaller communities like Bellevue host weekly farmer’s markets (pictured above.)

But what cities have the best access to farm-fresh food?

To mark National Farmers Market Week (Aug. 7-13), Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Farmers Markets. Lawn Love looked for walkable and public transit-friendly cities with nice weather and plenty of highly rated farmers markets. They also looked at average consumer spending on typical farmers market products like dairy, produce, and baked goods.

Tennessee Farmers Markets Ranked

Surprisingly, Tennessee did not do well in the Lawn Love rankings of farmer’s markets. Clarksville hit #106, while Nashville came in at #143 (mostly due to the high cost of produce as well as lack of convenience), and Memphis was #151. Chattanooga fell behind at #154 while Knoxville trailed behind at #162.

Nashville farmer’s markets do better in the winter as Nashville recently claimed the No. 12 spot for Best Cold City for Farmers Markets in Winter.

Check out the 10 freshest (and 10 least fresh) cities for farmers markets below, followed by key insights from their report.

2022’s Best Cities for Farmers Markets.

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