Tell Bush to Enforce Immigration Laws

It’s time to “draw a line in the sand” on the issue of illegal immigration. According to the “San Antonio Express-News”, the Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a second hearing on comprehensive immigration reform proposals for THIS WEEK.
A bill by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), along with a similar bill by Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in the House, would create a “temporary worker program” and give illegal immigrants in this country an opportunity to “enroll” in this “temporary” program after paying some small fines for entering the country illegally.
To top it off, these bills would also provide an avenue for citizenship for these illegal aliens! Does that seem right, especially for the many thousands of immigrants who “do it right” — and legally?
Ordinarily, these bills wouldn’t stand a chance of passing, except for the fact that they’re being pushed hard… by President George W. Bush.
This is crazy. We’re REWARDING illegal activity… which only encourages MORE illegal activity. It’s time for us to urge President Bush to ABANDON his push for a “guest-worker program” until the strict enforcement of immigration laws is achieved along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Thankfully, a large number of conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives agrees, and they’ve sent a letter to Pres. Bush calling for that strict enforcement.
EIGHTY-TWO House members signed the letter — and now YOU can send the same letter to the President, with copies to BOTH your Senators and your Congressman.
The enforcement of our current immigration laws — especially worksite compliance — is essential to restoring the confidence of the American people in the rule of law. The days of bait-and-switch are over. This letter — signed by a large portion of the Republican conference — shows that the political momentum has changed in our favor. No guestworker plan will pass Congress without first securing the borders and enforcing current laws.
We have lost control of our borders and endangered the lives of Americans by not enforcing immigration laws. For example, the current “catch and release” policy enables 85 percent of illegal immigrants who are apprehended to go free. It’s unlawful to hire illegal immigrants but not a single employer was fined for doing so last year.
Only a fraction of the vehicles crossing our borders are checked for illegal immigrants or illegal cargo. We have no system at our land borders to determine whether people whose short-term visas have expired have left the country. Finally, many illegal immigrants who have been convicted of aggravated felonies are released rather than deported.
It’s time to STOP the “guest-worker” amnesty programs NOW. Click below to send a FREE letter to President Bush (with copies sent to your Senators and Representative), urging him to abandon his push for a guest-worker program until the strict enforcement of immigration laws is achieved along the U.S.-Mexico border:

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