<i>Teen Virtue 2: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Relationships</i>


Peg Flint
Sep 11, 2006




This oversized paperback looks like a magazine at first. The cover entices you with the topics of “8 Friendship Fixers”, “Quiz: Are you a Flirt?” “Guys: 10 Never Evers” and more. The interior is even like a magazine with sidebars, photos and illustrations.

But this is more than a magazine. It is not filled with fluff but with honest & practical tips and advice for teenage girls. The layout may look like cotton candy to adults but there are meaty articles between the covers.

The first section of the book deals with guys. Articles and quizzes help girls understand what nice guys are like and help them think about if they even need a boyfriend. Flirting is even discussed along with making out.

The second section deals with friends. Hot topics like jealousy and online diaries are dealt with. One quiz is “Are You the Real Deal when It Comes to Being a Friend?” Girls are encouraged to look at both others and themselves. The focus isn’t on what your friends can do for you but how to have good friends and be a good friend.

The relationship with family is next. Tips are given for dealing with siblings, elders, and parents. As a mother, I must say that “5 Tips for Being an Award-Winning Daughter” was perfect. There is even an article in here about abuse and how to prevent it.

Finally, the author covers “Your Relationship with God”. Girls are encouraged to see God as their Father in Heaven, even if they haven’t had the greatest dad here on earth. They are encouraged to have a quiet time. “Google a Sinner?” is fascinating – what if you could google someone and see their sins listed in chronological order?

Each section contains the following: “We asked…you told…your comments about…” and “10 Never Evers”.

I like the balanced approach this book takes. While it is definitely Christian, it is not preachy. It is fun but it is also thought provoking. I recommend this book for teenage girls and those who want to understand them better.

Additional note: Between: A Girl’s Guide to Life by Vicki Courtney is coming out October 1st. It is designed for preteen girls and I liked the sampler I saw. Unfortunately, I did not see the whole book so I can’t review it at this time. But watch for it at local stores. It looks like it does for preteens what Virtue 2 does for teens.


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