Target Continues Ban on Salvation Army

Target Corporation will continue to ban the Salvation Army from their 1,351 stores this Christmas season. The Army will not be allowed to place their red kettles in front of Target stores.
Despite increased need caused by the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Target will continue their ban.
Many observers feel that the ban by Target is a result of pressure put on the company by homosexual groups. Homosexual activists have targeted the Salvation Army for years because of the Army’s refusal to recognize their lifestyle. Target is a supporter of various homosexual causes.
While Target contributes to homosexual groups, the company publicly states that they will not contribute to any religious groups. For Target, homosexual organizations are worthy of financial support, Christian and Jewish organizations are not.
Further showing their true colors, WTOP Radio Network in Washington, DC, reports that Target has begun stocking sex-toy-related products. “Formerly the domain of sex shops, such products have been brought out of the shadows by popular television shows like ‘Sex and the City,'” WTOP reported.

Elexa by Trojan spokeswoman Cassandra Johnson says the products will be “discreetly packaged and sold in the feminine care aisle.” Although not directly selling the “vibrator ring,” Target is selling creams, gels, and stimulants associated with it. Click Here to see the Elexa website.
While Target continues to ban the Salvation Army, competitors such as Wal-Mart are increasing their donations to the Salvation Army. Wal-Mart and others continue to welcome the Army’s kettles.
Please send an e-mail asking Target to end their ban of the Salvation Army and their offering of sex toy line of products. In addition, you can e-mail Wal-Mart, thanking them for supporting the Salvation Army.


This letter will be sent to Target:
Dear Chairman,
I am disappointed that your company continues to ban the Salvation Army from Target stores. I am also disappointed that Target has begun selling the ‘Elexa by Trojan’ line of sex products.
Because of these actions, I will be making a conscious effort to not shop at Target, especially during this Christmas season.

This letter will be sent to Wal-Mart:
Dear Chairman,
Thank you for continuing to allow the Salvation Army to place their kettles in front of your stores. And thank you for your additional contributions to help the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
I will certainly keep your actions in mind when it comes time for me to go shopping.

Follow the link to Sign the Petition.

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