Tammy Trent Standing on the Promises

Tammy Trent’s story is one of despair and unexpected grace. In September 2001 she
and her husband, Trent (from whom her stage name comes from), spent a few
days in Jamaica – part mission trip, part vacation. On September 10th, Trent
went diving and never returned. Tammy spent the rest of the day with rescue
divers trying to locate her husband with no success.
She woke up the next morning in the home of strangers to discover that the whole world had gone mad. As she waited for news of her husband, she watched the news as two planes plowed into the Twin Towers in New York City – later that day she had to identify the body of her husband. No one in her family could get to her as flights were canceled. She was held captive in Jamaica for ten more days waiting to return to her family. Tammy’s story of God’s grace in the midst of such pain, fear and loss touches everyone she ministers to. It is one thing to call the Lord shepherd – it is another to be carried by Him when you can no longer stand.
“After my husband died at the age of thirty-three, I grieved and shed many, many tears over this great loss in my life,” Tammy admits. “I wasn’t prepared in any way to face the days ahead. I felt deep loneliness, along with the pressures of now just being left alone. At times I felt overwhelmed at now making all the decisions. Yet at the same time I found bright rays of sunlight shining into my heart. And even more, the Lord began to heal me through times of worship and praise, often with tears of joy mingled with sadness.”
Tammy is constantly amazed by our Lord’s commitment to us in the worst moments of our lives and she encourages people to embrace God’s promises. “It wasn’t my family or my friends who were holding my hand as I stood on
the edge of the water over 4 years ago during the darkest moment of my
life, when I was told my husband of 11 years was dead. But it was
Jesus. I was alone and scared and I embraced the promise at that exact
moment in my life that He would never leave me.”
Tammy signed her first record deal in 1995 and has followed that calling on
her life with great passion ever since. With the national release of 3 CD’s
that have garnered three #1 hits and a handful of top ten hits, Tammy
continues to sing her way through to the hearts of thousands. She just
completed her highly anticipated new music release, “I See Beautiful.” This
is her first full CD in over 5 years which is currently available on her
Website before it hits stores in late Spring/Summer 2006.
Tammy’s life is real.
Her music is real. Her words are real and her God is real. You see it in
the things she does, because she knows what it’s like to have the
wind knocked out of you and yet to feel the very breath of God bringing you
back to life again. An evening spent with Tammy is like one big living room,
just hanging out with your friends. That is her gift to the world. Letting
you in, making you feel comfortable and then sharing her God, her faith and
her hope in one of the most authentic, tender and humorous ways.
“I think it always helps us to get past some of our hang ups if we face them head on and talk openly about them, knowing that you will not be judged for feeling the way you do,” Tammy claims.
You’ll find Tammy with a full touring schedule including dates on the Women
of Faith Tour and the Revolve Tour, which is for teen girls sponsored by
Women of Faith. June 2005 marked the National release of her second book,
“Beyond The Sorrow”, published by J Countryman, which follows in the
footsteps of her best-selling book “Learning to Breathe Again” by W
Publishing. www.tammytrent.com
Tammy Trent Devotional
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