Tammy Trent – I See Beautiful

Tammy Trent at long last returns with I See Beautiful. I have always loved
Tammy’s music; there is a certain quality to it that makes it different from
other artists in Christian music. I have never been able to really pinpoint
what it is but if you listen to any of her albums, you will hopefully hear
it as well. Perhaps this uniqueness is what has kept her from becoming a
million selling artist in the CCM world; however there is no question that
it is what connects her to her fans. There is something very real about
Tammy Trent that we could do with some more of these days.
I See Beautiful is perhaps Tammy’s most danceable yet tender album to date.
It is chocked full of creative beats and plenty of grooves, bringing to mind
artists like Janet Jackson, recent years Madonna, and Big Boi’s side of
Outkast. “Is This Love” (featuring the soulful voice of Tim Miner) is one of
the highlights here in the dance-ability department. Tammy’s voice is great
on this song in particular as she aggressively lays it on the line offering,
“I don’t really think that settlings the answer/I believe the Lord will
always have the answer…” The track that follows, “Pray” (which features
guestwork by MJ Automatic), is another dance floor friendly track that would
be just as at home in a club than it is at a Christian women’s conference.
The more traditional sounding piano led medley “Forgive Me” & “Run Into the
Arms of Love” is a definite highlight as well. It offers a slightly
different way of hearing Tammy’s beautiful voice and the heavy focus on the
lyrics delivers a really powerful message. “At The Foot Of The Cross” speaks
for itself and no doubt is very personal to Tammy and her healing after the
tragic death of her husband, Trent Lenderink in September 2001. She sings,
“And you’ve won my heart, yes you’ve won my heart, now I can Trade these
ashes in for beauty and wear forgiveness like a crown, coming to kiss the
feet of mercy, I lay every burden down At the foot of the Cross.”
I love this album. There aren’t many artists out there right now that are in
touch with what artists like the aforementioned ones are doing in the
mainstream. Tammy Trent fills that void, effortlessly, while offering a
simple and life changing message. Hopefully this won’t be one of this years’
most underrated albums because it’s rare that one like this comes along.

The first radio single is slated to hit the airwaves May 1st.
I See Beautifulwill be available in stores everywhere July 2006. You can
currently catch Tammy on the Women of Faith and Revolve Tours, along with a
very aggressive touring schedule of her own, including a stop on QVC’s Music
Café, this Fall.
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