Tait Not Running On Empty

Tait: Michael Tate and crew release Empty

With DC Talk continuing to go solo, Michael Tait and company have released the first full solo project, EMPTY as the band Tait.

This album expands upon the meat and potatoes rock
element that make up Michael’s influences in DC Talk.
It also lyricaly explores various themes and issues
relating to Michael’s life, including faith, racism, loss, and homelessness.

The band showcased most of EMPTY at an excellent free concert at Nashville’s Dancin’ In The District, August 2nd. The show opened with an untitled, heavy rock guitar instrumental that appears as a hidden track on EMPTY.

Michael later introduced “Talk About Jesus”, a social commentary on how Christians act toward others, “When I was cold, did you let me in, When I was hungry, were you my friend.”

Later Michael spoke about the homeless people living
in Nashville and how these people don’t have families,
brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers around. He
encouraged people to reach out to them more, buy them lunch and show them some love. The ideals were echoed as Tait performed the emotionally charged song, “Altars (Burn In Me).”

Michael spoke briefly about racism as well. He told
of his grandfather being murdered by the KKK and his
father Nathal never growing bitter over this, but
tought his kids to love all people. Michael also
lightheartedly pointed out that his fellow band
members were all white, but he’s the boss. This
personal story was the inspiration behind the song
“American Tragedy”, “It’s a tragedy, all the hate I
see. Am I left to be a slave to history.”

The band was introduced toward the end of the show.
Michael introduced Lonnie Chapin on bass as “Colgate”,
since he has such white teeth. Lonnie’s brother Chad
Chapin on drums, and Pete Stewart on guitar. Michael
also explained that the band’s name Tait was a tribute
to his father, who passed away in 1998.

Tait closed the show with the excellent, “Spy” that
rocks hard and is one of my favorite tracks.
Any fan of good rock music would love EMPTY, which is
full of pleasing melodic rock. Check out taitband for more info.

Kurtis Kegley is a free-lance writer who writes music reviews and concert reviews for Christian Activities.
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