‘JESUS’ Returns to TV One Night Only, May 13

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Record-Breaking Viewership Prompts ‘JESUS’ Returns to TV for Special Encore Broadcast – One Night Only, Wednesday, May 13 After nearly 3 million people tuned in Easter weekend for the worldwide debut, Sight & Sound announces a rebroadcast on TBN in advance of  the DVD and digital release, Friday, May 15. With movie theaters closed due … Read more

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Charles Esten in ‘Outer Banks’

Chip Esten, Charles Esten, Outer Banks

Charles Esten Moves from Nashville to the Outer Banks. Warning: this article about the Netflix show “Outer Banks” contains plot spoilers. A teenager works with his four closest friends to hunt for a missing shipwreck with a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance in the new, original Netflix series “Outer Banks.” The series stars … Read more

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Game Show Network Partners with Gaither Music

Game Show Network Announces Sponsorship with Gaither Music Group to Include Original Family-Friendly Programming, Faith-Based Contestants and Bible Game Play Questions  Major TV network Game Show Network has announced a sponsorship agreement with Christian music icon Gaither Music Group to broaden its family-friendly content. The new arrangement will extend to several of the music company’s … Read more

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‘Jesus’ Easter Weekend Broadcast Free on TBN

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With movie theaters closed due to Coronavirus lockdowns, the stage production JESUS comes to life in a special free Easter weekend television broadcast on TBN.  More than one million people have experienced the live performance of JESUS at Sight & Sound’s theater in Lancaster, Pa. Now, with a planned cinema event canceled due to theater closures from … Read more

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GMC to Show Original Movies, Easter Favorites & Family Fare for Easter Holiday

GMC TV today unveiled its annual 2013 Easter holiday programming slate consisting of the new original GMC World Premiere Movie, The Carpenter’s Miracle, along with “The Greatest Stories of the Bible” movie event, the original series “Heartland” and a “Miracle Sunday” marathon of family favorite series, “Touched by an Angel.” On Easter weekend, GMC TV … Read more

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It Seems to Me: Reflections on Mayberry

We are living in times when Americans spend millions of dollars each year in search of something to help reduce stress in their lives. We try everything from medications to therapy to alcohol and illicit drugs. Yet many of us continue to live each day feeling unfulfilled and totally stressed out. We find that our … Read more

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Randy Travis To Appear Sunday 05/20 On Touched By An Angel Season Finale

Randy Travis On Touched By An Angel Atlantic recording artist Randy Travis recently garnered two Dove Awards and will be featured on the upcoming season finale episode of Touched By An Angel.Starring in the season finale, Travis will perform his Dove-Award winning hit “Baptism” on CBS’s Touched By An Angel. Touched By An Angel, featuring … Read more

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Gaithers on ‘Touched by an Angel’

Gaithers Get Touched! Gaither Vocal Band on ‘Touched by an Angel’ Recently Christian boy-band Plus One made a guest appearance on “Touched by an Angel.” Now the Gaithers will appear on ‘Touched by an Angel.’ The Gaither Vocal Band, Gloria Gaither and several Gaither Homecoming regulars have recently taped a two-part “Touched by an Angel” … Read more

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Christy: Choices of the Heart on TV

Christy, the beloved heroine of the “Christy” novel gets married tonight in part two of PAX TV’s miniseries “Christy: Choices of the Heart.”  The long-awaited sequel to Christy’s story is based on Catherine Marshall’s best-selling novel and the notes Marshall left for a sequel. The Christy book has been rereleased by Zondervan (paper) and Chosen/Baker … Read more

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